Our ancestors’ energy patterns live on in us


I believe it’s really important to be able to objectively look at the way you were brought up … objective being the operative phrase. I don’t ever mean to blame my parents or imply that they were bad parents. They did the best they knew how, just as I did with my kids and they will with theirs, etc. If you can remove the emotion from the story, and just watch it like it was a movie, you can see through others’ motivations into the programming they’ve been dealt.

For example, my dad really thought he was being a perfect father by being super strict. My mom really thought she was being a perfect mother by being totally submissive to the man of the house. They were living the zeitgeist of the time. They didn’t know that it was producing a major mindfuck in their little girl’s head.

In fact, I was recently turned on to a book about this sort of thing that helped me a lot. One of the guests on my radio show and I were talking about digging for the causes of dysfunction, and I told her that I’ve been doing my family tree on Ancestry.com. I told her that I was amazed by how many of my ancestors on both sides of my family were straight from Germany. I always thought of myself as Maltese, which is more Mediterrenean … you know, dark hair and eyes, olive skin, etc. My last name is Maltese, and I LOOK Maltese, for crying out loud, so I was amazed by how much of my heritage is actually German.

In fact, many of my ancestors even called it Prussia in the census records, etc., which makes it even more enlightening. According to Wikipedia, “Many Prussians believed some specific ‘Prussian virtues’ were part of the reasons for the rise of their country, for instance: perfect organization, discipline, sacrifice, rule of law, obedience to authority, but also reliability, tolerance, frugality, punctuality, modesty, and diligence.”

So I was telling her about this, and she asked if I ever read a book by a German psychologist called For Your Own Good. (I have since read the book.) It’s about the cruelty of old-time German child rearing practices, and it quotes extensively from German child rearing manuals, their version of Dr. Spock books. You would not believe the abuse that these books tell you that you MUST do to your kids if you want them to be model citizens! You are told that you must break their will before they are two years old, at any cost. These child rearing manuals give detailed instructions on how to do this. (They didn’t mean to be abusive, again it was just the way things were back then.)

And then the book goes on to explain how this way of raising children led directly to not only Hitler’s personality, but the fact that he rose to power because the German people had no will of their own. They NEEDED that kind of leader, because that’s how they were raised to live and couldn’t function without being told exactly what to do.

As I was reading the book, I recognized certain phrases that my own dad used to use! I’m quite sure that he didn’t deliberately raise me to break my will … he probably wasn’t even aware of these old methods, but that’s how HE was certainly raised, and that’s what he honestly believed good parenting was.

What does this have to do with Shape Shifting and losing weight or whatever other change you’re trying to create in your life? Well, this is a very fundamental issue. What our ancestors passed on to our parents, who passed it on to us, is vitally important to be aware of. It’s what lays the foundation for how we see ourselves. If you’ve been raised to be submissive, subservient, have low self esteem, etc., then it’s going to be a long trip home if you’re not aware that this undercurrent is steering your boat.

What is your ancestry? What fundamental rules of life were laid down for you before you were even aware that there were options? I’ll bet if you look into it, you’ll find some fascinating gems.


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