I AM Shape Shifting!!!

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE NING SITE ON MAY 14, 2009 (I’m moving old posts from that site, which is closing down, to my WordPress blog):

For the past few weeks, my computer has been on strike. Blame Mercury in retrograde or something equally as mischeivous, but I have been unable to do a whole lot online. My email literally stopped coming in and the internet wasn’t cooperating. Meantime, I got a LOT of writing done on my first novel, and got back to Curves!

It was rough going, after so long without being able to exercise. In fact, today was the first day I’ve been able to do the full circuit, twice. That felt amazing! (Maybe it’s because I was wearing my “I am Shape Shifting” t-shirt. ;-D ) The vertigo is still hanging around in the background, but I’m focusing on wellness and not allowing it to mess with my life as much as it would like to.

I’m really amazed by how quickly I’m seeing physical results. It almost feels like my body became an undefined mass after all that time without anything or anyone directing it into place. Now that I’m deliberately telling it what I want it to look like and physically demonstrating that by exercising, it’s stunning how rapidly my muscles are toning.

Also, I’m using a “defining gel” that I really didn’t expect much from but I think it is working. Last fall, I did an expo where one of the vendors was selling body wraps and I got to try it free because I was a vendor. As a result of the wrap, I lost a few inches. More importantly, I really loved the way it made me feel … it was very energizing. It has an herbal base and it smells yummy.

I wasn’t very impressed with being told that I lost inches because I didn’t actually measure myself before and after: the woman who did the wrap measured me. My inner skeptic told me that she could have easily fudged the numbers and I never would have known. But I went ahead and ordered their defining gel mostly because I enjoy the scent.

So as I’m applying the defining gel, I’m taking the name of the product literally … Defining gel. I’m using it as a “magical elixir.” As I put it on, I define to my body what I want it to look like. I tell my abdomen, “Lose fat here, and tighten this skin.” I tell my thighs, “Thinner here, less cellulite there.” I tell my ass, “Smaller and cuter.” I gotta tell ya, I’m seriously amazed that it’s working.

Sure, it could just be the fact that I’m exercising and eating healthier. It could be the deliberate-creation, metaphysical work I’m doing. And it could be that there is something in the gel that’s actually doing what it says it does (I’m EXTREMELY skeptical about that kind of thing). It could be all of the above (that’s my guess). Whatever it is, I’m seeing major results and I’m very happy about it.

“More of this, please!” I tell the Universe. “I am enjoying this process and am deeply appreciative of the results I’m seeing. More, please!”


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