Never underestimate the power of Feng Shui!

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE NING SITE ON MAY 17, 2009 (I’m moving old posts from that site, which is closing down, to my WordPress blog):

Every now and then I notice that my life has become stagnant. I find that I am so frozen in a cloak of bad habit that the only way to break out of it is to stir up the energy in my house. Every time this happens, I’m amazed by the huge, happy shift that always takes place. Call it Feng Shui, call it spring cleaning, call it what you will, but it works!

For the past several weeks, as Jeff searches for work and is home most of the time, our lives have changed tremendously from what they used to be. Our routine, which used to be 9-5ish (he would leave at 7AM and get home at 7PM) has turned into one of treading water. We have stopped all forward progress. He is home while I’m working here in my home office, in our small house, so he’s in my office all the time. It’s caused a major change in the way I do my work. Eventually, we both sort of drifted into the not-getting-much-done doldrums.

A couple days ago, he commented on how gross the house was. Neither of us is a big fan of cleaning, and he’s a HUGE fan of making multi-level, deeply complex messes everywhere he goes, so I gave up trying to keep the house clean. Remember Pigpen from the Charlie Brown cartoons? He’s got nothing on Jeff. He literally follows behind me (not intentionally of course) and undoes all the work I’ve just done, so I don’t bother anymore. The result is a home encrusted with a thick layer of the solidified energy of resentment, boredom and ennui.

Anyway, after he made the comment about how dirty the house was, I grabbed that opportunity to suggest that we BOTH spend Saturday as a cleaning day. So we did. I also took this as an opportunity to do some Feng Shui tweaking. For example, in the money corner of the house, I made sure that it was really clean and uncluttered, and added a fountain to add life and movement to the area.

I know that this works. Many years ago, we had a Feng Shui expert do our house and within three days Jeff landed a job making more than he ever had in his life. That’s just one example. I’ve got many. If you’re sensitive to energies, you will be able to feel the difference in your house.

I don’t strictly follow the Chinese discipline of Feng Shui, although I’ve read lots of books on it. I’m familiar with how it works, but I use my own method based on my understanding of it. I’m sure if I weren’t too busy to devote my life to learning the intricacies I could create even more powerful shifts in my life.

After we finished with the house, I noticed that the fountain had a huge puddle under it. It was leaking (it didn’t leak before I moved it to this spot)! Just because this is the way my mind works, I immediately began to wonder what this means. Are we leaking money energy? Is this symbolically trying to tell us that we are allowing our resources to spill, wasted, onto the ground?

I know that money is just an energy flow, and that there is no lack of it except in our minds, but the fountain specifically needs to be refilled. It’s not like a lake or river, where I can say, “There’s more where that came from.” The fountain needs to be maintained … replenished … and if its allowed to spill out like that, the pump will burn up. And when I ponder it, I do feel a resonance with the idea that we’re letting our abundance life force just go wherever (due to the ennui? or is it causing it?) and it’s starting to dry up.

Just recognizing that this leak needs to be patched or repaired in some way has shifted my focus into a place that feels better. I feel much less blah and sedated. The house feels like a more magical place. We closed out the cleaning event with a thorough saging and now have a fresh, clean slate!

P.S. This counts as a Makeover in your Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary.


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