Let’s give this another try…

For a while I was blogging at Bravejournal.com, but decided to move to Ning because they offer a community setting, with forums and all sorts of useful tools. I used Ning until I realized that unless you are a member of that community, you can’t see my blogs. So now, I’m moving to WordPress to give it a try. Here’s hoping this move will stick.

Unfortunately, neither Bravejournal nor Ning offer export features, so my old blogs are all stuck on those sites until I manually move them over here. Maybe that will happen, maybe it won’t. We’ll see how ambitious I feel.


One response to “Let’s give this another try…

  1. Hi there – i found you by googling how to export a blog from Bravenet/Bravejournal… Never mind. :0| Anyway, just ‘warning’ you that WordPress is great, a vibrant team behind it, helpful and friendly forums when you’re stuck, very customisable, and overall i am SO glad i didn’t go with Blogger. ;0) And no one’s paying me to say this!

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