Jon Stewart takes on climate change brouhaha

I’m reposting this from an email I received from Repower America:

Extreme weather brings out some strange behavior.

In the middle of this week’s storm, Senator James Inhofe constructed an “igloo” in Washington, DC and posted a sign reading “Honk if you heart global warming.” Senator Jim DeMint tweeted “It’s going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries uncle.” Rush Limbaugh and Fox News chimed in with story after story distorting the facts to fit their dishonest narrative.

Climate deniers like Inhofe and DeMint are willfully missing the point: Extreme weather is climate change! Not only does “Snowpocalypse” not disprove global warming, it actually matches scientific predictions that climate change will increase extreme weather events of many kinds, including heavy snowfalls in regions like the Northeast.

Together, we can and must stop this disinformation campaign. Jon Stewart just did a great job taking on the deniers. Check out a short clip from The Daily Show and help spread the truth about extreme weather.

IMHO, whether “global warming” is manmade or not is, to me, irrelevant. The facts are that the climate is changing AND we are abusing the Earth’s resources. Those two facts may not be connected at all, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to what’s going on and do what we can to repair and prepare.


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