If Marilyn is the best I can do, that’s not so bad

I just found a picture of Marilyn Monroe, online, that I’ve seen a thousand times before and probably so have you. But for the first time I paid attention to it, because I noticed that she’s the exact size I am when I’m in my best, maintainable condition. I know that, to a  lot of people, this picture of her looks fat, but that’s because those people were raised since the advent of rampant cosmetic surgery, digitized photographs, eating disorders and fitness obsessions.

I stressed the word “maintainable” above because I think that’s a really important point to make. Sure, I can get skinnier than this, but not easily and I can’t stay that way and live a bearable life. It’s time we all stop kicking ourselves if our healthiest forms look like one of the biggest sex symbols in human history.

This is a picture of a healthy, adult female. And if that’s the best I can attain, then that’s good enough for me.


2 responses to “If Marilyn is the best I can do, that’s not so bad

  1. Joanne Sprott

    You got that straight, sister. I’ve been the Monroe/Taylor type since late teenhood. That Twiggy character (not really her fault) really messed up the female body image. Although in other countries, it’s still different. Remember a lovely old Polish lady who thought I was way to skinny. Question is, is your energy good, your overall health and fitness good or excellent? Then find clothes for that beauty, or tailor them to fit. thanks for the reminder, Lisa.

  2. I agree with you Lisa. Marilyn looked awesome. We all spend so much time wishing we looked different than we do and what a waste of time that is. For me it is very important to work out and to stay fit and I find that it is much easier to find clothes when I am at a smaller size. But I will always be 5’2″ with a muscular build, which means no skinny jeans, LOL.

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