Could it be … progress?

After a somewhat rocky start, I feel like I’m finally on the road. You know how sometimes when you start a car that has been sitting in the cold for a while it sputters and coughs and makes you bang the steering wheel with frustration? Then you flood the engine and continue to curse that stupid old car for not doing what you want, when all it’s actually doing is responding exactly the way it’s supposed to, given its conditions?

Well, I feel like I finally got this old car started up again and am once again amazed by how well it runs once it’s back on the highway and in its element. I took some time off from my weight loss efforts, after finishing my book and losing my first 50 pounds, to focus on other things … things like health and family issues … but now that I can focus on my weight again, I’m very excited to be back on track.

I’ve lost five pounds since joining the SparkPeople site, and have made TREMENDOUS strides in the exercise department (I give all the credit to my Wii Fit Plus, which my daughter talked me into getting). It has exercises and games that I can actually do, given my “health issues,” and I look forward to doing it every day.

I’ve started a couple teams on SparkPeople, one based on Abraham-Hicks’ Law of Attraction work, and the other based on my own book, Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (a body/mind/spirit look at weight and health balancing). Check out my SparkPage for links, if you’re interested. I’ve joined a lot of other like-minded teams and have met some wonderful people. In fact, I can see how my Facebook addiction might just become a SparkPeople addiction instead.


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