A new body/mind/spirit weight loss clue!

According to this article:


obesity is an inflammatory condition!

Now, bodywise, this can be addressed pretty easily. Just Google or ask your doc (or Naturopath) for the best way to decrease inflammation.

Mindwise, according to Debbie Shapiro’s brilliant Bodymind Workbook (which is similar to Louise Hay’s work only much more in depth), inflammation means “a bodily expression of an inner inflammation; we have become inflamed or enraged about something and are expressing it through the body.”

When we take this into the Shape Shifting realm, this means we might want to work on any forgiveness issues we may have not addressed yet.

Spiritwise, anything out of balance with your Center is going to express itself physically. Perhaps we can connect with our own Spirit to help us to “forgive those who have trespassed against us.” Maybe getting a little Reiki would be a big help!

Will it help us to lose weight? Only time will tell, but whether it does or not is almost irrelevant, isn’t it? Only good can come of these actions, either way.


One response to “A new body/mind/spirit weight loss clue!

  1. wow, maybe that is why I have gained weight lately. I haven’te eaten anything different and I am working out the same. Maybe it comes from inner anger/rage.

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