Willie Wonka’s meal in a gum is not so farfetched

Sometimes I’m not hungry, but I long for something to eat. I want the experience of chewing and the flavors of food, but not necessarily something extra in my stomach. It’s at times like these that Willie Wonka’s Meal in a Gum (one that doesn’t turn you into a blueberry) would come in handy.

Last fall, on a trip to Ohio, I rediscovered some of my favorite gum flavors from childhood: Beemans, BlackJack, Clove and Teaberry. They’re all spicy and delicious in their own, indescribable and strangely satisfying way. These flavors of gum are as close as I think we’re going to get to a meal in a gum. When I find myself wanting something to eat, but I’m not hungry, chewing a stick of spicy gum almost always does the trick!

Teaberry is my favorite. Jeff even got me a case for Christmas. What a guy.


4 responses to “Willie Wonka’s meal in a gum is not so farfetched

  1. Nice. Where do you get that kind of gum?


  2. I remember Teaberry from my youth. Most of my allowance would go for as many packs as I could buy because I was crafting a gum wrapper chain that was all Teaberry pink. If I remember correctly, the final length was 14 feet or around that. Perhaps that explains all the trips to the dentist as an adult!

  3. Beemans almost tastes like Pepsodent toothpaste, Clove is pretty self-explanatory, and Teaberry is like a combination of the two. BlackJack is sort of licorice-like. All of them have a large flavor that doesn’t shy away from filling your mouth. That’s why they’re so satisfying if all I want is to feel like I’m eating something yummy. I find them at the kind of stores that sells “nostalgia” candy, or even at Cracker Barrell.

    Monica, I had a similar chain! I alternated Teaberry and Beemans. In fact, every time I unwrap a stick of Teaberry, I’m always sort of drawn to save the wrapper and fold it into a chain link.

  4. Here’s a link for more Teaberry info and how to order: http://www.victoryseeds.com/candystore/clarks_teaberry.html

    I could use a stick right now!

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