Abraham’s quote today is for Shape Shifters

I love the daily quotes from the Abraham-Hicks site and post them every day in the Abraham/Law of Attraction SparkTeam, but today’s is especially fitting for Shape Shifting:

True healers know that wellness is the order of the day, so they do not allow themselves, even for a moment, to see anything other than that. So, the power of the healer is in the power to influence the one who needs to be healed into a vibration that allows the healing that they are summoning. (that they could get, even without the healer, but they can get faster with a healer’s influence)
— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, July 30th, 2005 #392

To me, this means that we are all our own healers. If we intend to make healthy changes in our bodies, then we need to make equally healthy changes in our mind and spirit in order to stay balanced. When we become so focused on healthy body/mind/spirit balance, then no other outcome is possible.

Abraham Hicks
Abraham SparkTeam
Shape Shifting SparkTeam


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