The voting has begun! Can I count on your support?

The contest has begun! It’s time for me to get out there and start gathering your votes.

(Go the extra mile after you vote, and you might win a signed copy of Shape Shifting! See the bottom of the page for details.)

I am a contestant in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition, which is like American Idol for someone like me. I’m entering the new edition of my first book, Shape Shifting–the Body/Mind/Spirit Weight Solution. First place is a publishing contract with Hampton Roads. That is a really great prize, and I’m ready for it. I’m prepared to step into the role of “professional, published author.” I have all of my ducks in a row, with the radio show, the daily diary, the blog, discussion forum and teams, etc. Readers of my book have reported weight losses of up to 80 pounds, which they’ve kept off!

I truly believe that Shape Shifting is an idea whose time has come. I can win this competition … it’s what I’ve been building toward my entire life. But I need your help. Round 1 is more or less a popularity contest, so I need you and everyone you know to vote for me. After you vote, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and/or whatever other social networking sites you use. Help me spread the word and make it to Round 2! There are approximately 3000 contestants, so EVERY VOTE IS IMPORTANT. Voting begins March 29, and this is the web address you’ll visit to do so:

If you want more information before voting, please visit

I can’t stress this enough: after you vote, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends, because this is a numbers game. Let’s ripple this outward like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Let’s get people who’ve never even heard of me before to vote for me in this competition.

If you want to post this note on your Facebook profile, just click the “Share +” button next to the headline. Or, you can copy and paste this and add it as your own note. If nothing else, just send them the link

and ask them to vote for your friend, Lisa, who you think deserves to win. Twitter, Ning sites, your SparkPeople page, and email lists are all great ways to spread the word.

GO THE EXTRA MILE AND ENTER A DRAWING TO WIN A FREE, AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF SHAPE SHIFTING—RECLAIMING YOUR PERFECT BODY: If you really want to go the extra mile, I’m also asking for Oprah’s help and you can, too! Oprah’s website has a place to request a “Harpo Hook-Up.” The site says,

Are you or someone you know deserving of a Harpo hook-up? What do you think would make a HUGE impact on your life or someone else’s? Do you know someone who needs some help right now? Do you have a desperate need or someone you just want help thanking? Do you have a fun or outrageous dream that you need help to make a reality? The Oprah Show is interested in hooking someone up! Tell us why you or someone you know is deserving.

I think that having a Harpo Hook-Up would absolutely ensure a positive outcome, so if you would be so kind, visit

and fill in the form. In the bottom box, where it says “Tell Us Your Story,” you can add something like the example below. Please feel free to use your own words, if you prefer. This is just a suggestion for those who don’t know what to say:

I would love to see a Harpo Hook-Up to help Lisa Bonnice win the Next Top Spiritual Author competition with her book Shape Shifting—the Body/Mind/Spirit weight solution. The contest is like American Idol for new thought authors, and the first prize is a publishing contract with Hampton Roads. I believe that a body/mind/spirit approach to health and weight balancing is the way to go, and Lisa’s book is cutting edge with its approach: Shift your thoughts, shift your shape. Her book is for those who are struggling with losing weight and can’t figure out why nothing they do is working. One example is that the Law of Attraction states that we get what we think about, and if we think of ourselves as fat and ugly, we’ll only get more of the same. Another is that as long as we have anything to gain by not losing, as long as excess weight acts as a protective barrier, then it is actually doing us a favor. It is a blessing to us. So until we figure out other ways to feel safe, that weight is going nowhere, just like a protective old bulldog that won’t leave your side. You can find out more information about Lisa and her book at

After you submit your request for a Harpo Hook-Up, copy and paste the first paragraph of the page you see next, and email it to me at with your name and address (so I can sign and mail your book to you if you win), and you will be entered to win!



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