I want more of this!

I’ve been on such a roll lately! I give a tremendous amount of credit to the SparkPeople site, because it makes goal setting/tracking FUN. It makes balancing the “body” part of my body/mind/spirit equation easy.

I also give myself a big high-five because I’m the one DOING it. I’ve been deliberately cognizant of my focus and balance, and I’m seeing miraculous results … even more than I saw while I was working on the first chunk of my big weight loss project, during which I lost 50 pounds.

I’m losing weight, getting skinnier, feeling SO much better, and have much more energy. I’m actually able to exercise (long story … health issues … ick) and look forward to it. Things in my life are falling into place, as if by magic.

This is, of course, the basic premise of my book … that creating a balance between your body, mind and spirit creates your healthiest external form.

But I also want to bring up the work of Esther Hicks and Abraham, who say that when you are in what they call “The Vortex” (i.e., feeling this good) you should place your order with the Universe, “More of this, please! This is what I like and I want more just like it. Thank you!”

So, Universe, if you’re listening (and I know that you are) …

“More of this, please! This is what I like and I want more just like it! Thank you!”


2 responses to “I want more of this!

  1. I love this Lisa. It is very motivating to see what you have written. As I told you in your other blog I have been gaining weight but I know it comes from an issue that I am dealing with in my life having to do with anger and past life connections with a particular person. It was as if when I encountered this person my body gained weight as a protective mechanism. But now that I am shifting and healing that issue I know I will go back to my normal weight. That just goes to show how important mind/spirit issues are beyond just the body i.e. food and exercise. Thanks for sharing your successes.

  2. Oooh, this is exciting! Wondering how much of going for the NTA competition is part of a general shift. I certainly feel different.

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