Get grounded to access your power!

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE NING SITE ON JUNE 27, 2009 (I’m moving old posts from that site, which is closing down, to my WordPress blog):

Being “grounded” doesn’t sound fun, not even the metaphysical version. To me, that word means punishment, so I’ve avoided listening to advice that says I should be grounded. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve learned that being grounded was the only way I could access my power!

You’ve heard the advice. It usually says something like “Sit up straight and put your feet on the floor. Imagine your feet connecting with the earth and roots growing out of them. Then imagine a silver cord connecting your root chakra to the center of the earth…”

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … huh? Oops, sorry. Did I drift off?

I didn’t want to be grounded, because life on Earth is pretty boring and dull. I’ve always preferred playing around in the psychic realms. I spent most of my life reaching upwards, trying to escape living in my body. In fact, I even mentioned briefly in my book, Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body, that I realized my weight gain was partly my body’s effort to keep me grounded. Even so, I had no interest in grounding. I’d rather be fat and psychic than skinny and mundane.

So when my friend, psychic astrologer Glenna Dietrich, recently did an astrology reading for me, and mentioned that my chart says that I was born extremely ungrounded, I was amazed because I thought all this time that I am stuck in the physical and need to escape. She told me that I am so up in the air that it is imperative that I get grounded. Hence, the topic of our most recent radio show, Grounding and Self-Healing (listen here … it’s one of the best shows yet!).

But even before that show, I was playing around with the idea of grounding, only because she insisted. I imagined the typical scenario: I dropped the proverbial cord from my root chakra into the center of the Earth. This felt uncomfortable. I felt like I had to hoard all my energy … I didn’t want to let it drain into the Earth, because I felt like I wouldn’t have enough then. So I also added a cord upward, from the top of my head, to connect to the source of my energy, wherever that may be. That way I got the best of both “worlds.”

I realized, as I did this meditation, that the upper cord helped me to feel replenished, like I didn’t have to hoard excess energy because I have an infinite supply now. I’m able to allow it to run through me like an appliance, which never wonders if there will be enough power to let it run if it’s plugged in. This offered exquisite relief because now I don’t feel so very static and overloaded, and the fear of “never enough” has been alleviated. I don’t have to cling so tightly to what I’ve managed to collect.

As I explored this concept, I realized that (as I mentioned on the radio show) what I have been doing my entire life is similar to revving up a toy car … you know the kind that you roll across the ground over and over in order to wind up the toy’s mechanism … but never putting it down and letting it go, to zoom across the floor. I was revving up my own motor, “manifesting” like a mofo, but never touching down into the physical realm long enough to let my creations grab any traction in the 3D realm. No wonder so many of my projects, which I’ve been working on for so very long, haven’t ever been realized! The ones that have are those that I put down and released. Those that haven’t, I’m still revving up in the ethers.

For example, since I’ve started really focusing on this work, which corresponds with my use of my own creation, the Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary, I’ve not only dropped 16 pounds (and 13 inches) I’ve also completed a short novel! Many of my friends are astounded that it didn’t take very long to write, but the story has been in my head for over five years. I just finally put it down and let it zoom across the keyboard.

If you’ve listened to the radio show I’ve written about here, you know that Glenna agreed to record a meditation to help us to get grounded. A woman of her word, she and I recorded it this week. Here is a link where you can download the mp3 file (right click and “Save As…”) and listen to it yourself. This recording includes that meditation, which is about 17 minutes long and is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s not the same old “Be like a tree” meditation that we’ve all heard … this is something brand new and very powerful! Glenna and I then continued our conversation from the radio show, so if you’re interested in even more information, continue listening after the meditation is over.

I want to apologize for the sometimes lousy sound quality during the conversation. This wasn’t recorded in a studio, but on one of those conference call lines. However, the meditation is still stunning and potent, and I think it will change your life if you use it. Please share this recording with your friends and don’t forget to tell them where you got it …!



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