Thank you to everyone who helped me make it to Round 2!

Words cannot express how much I appreciate the votes and support I received over the past few weeks as I’ve asked for your votes and help getting the word out about Shape Shifting–the Body/Mind/Spirit weight solution, my entry in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. I just discovered that, thanks to you, I have been advanced to Round Two. Out of approximately 3,000 entries, you helped to make make it to the top 250.

Voting for Round Two begins on May 24th. Competing authors are asked to submit a book proposal, in much the same way any author who is pursuing a publisher would do. Round Two will be decided, again, by a popular vote, but this time a panel of judges will weigh in … as will a representative from the company that is offering the grand prize of a publishing contract, Hampton Roads.

I could not have made it to Round Two without you, and I hope you’re ready to do it again in a few weeks. I’ll keep ya posted!

ॐ ۞ Namaste ۞ ॐ


3 responses to “Thank you to everyone who helped me make it to Round 2!

  1. Elizabeth Hill

    That is the best news I have heard all year! Way to go Lisa. I’ll be voting for you again of course.

  2. Vickie Greenway

    Oh Lisa! That is wonderful! We will keep voting and help you make it all the way! This is where you should be!

  3. Lisa, you know as well as we do that you have earned the right to serve humanity through Shape Shifting. It is time for the world to know the blessings you have for all of us. I’m holding the energy for you and for the world to experience the amazing gift that you are.

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