Kevin Costner, the Gulf oil spill, and the color of your bra

Kevin Costner made big news last week when it was announced that he has been involved, since the Exxon Valdez oil spill, in funding the development of a device that can clean up such a disaster. He and his company have several of these machines ready to go and, supposedly, are testing them in the Gulf. However, we haven’t heard a single word about this in the news since it was first announced.

(For more information, visit this link)

It bothers me that when Britney Spears leaves her house without underwear, or Kate divorces John, or Sandra Bullock’s husband cheats, we receive wall-to-wall coverage from major media outlets. But where is the coverage on the Kevin Costner story, which carries with it HUGE, life-changing implications? Why aren’t we hearing whether Costner’s machines work and whether they’re being used?

Not long ago, Facebook made national news when a bunch of users posted nothing but a color as their status update, with a behind-the-scenes explanation being sent to all the female users, telling them to post their bra color to “raise breast cancer awareness.” The fact that this did nothing to affect breast cancer is beside the point—the point is that bra color Facebook statuses made national news.

So I’ve started posting the following as my Facebook status:

“My bra is pink, but what I want to know is why is there no news coverage about Kevin Costner’s machine that can clean up the oil spill? If we all make this our status, maybe your bra color will help bring attention to the real story since the bra color game was on national headlines!”

Hey, it can’t hurt to try, right?


2 responses to “Kevin Costner, the Gulf oil spill, and the color of your bra

  1. Yes, there needs to be open and constant coverage…this is mamoth and should be given the main focus of coverage. Esp. the BP people…our reporters and media should be “hounding” them day and night demanding a play by play account and getting all help, like Kevin Costner’s centerfuges OUT THERE and WORKING NOW.

  2. Dorothy Davidson

    There is a documentary being made by Stephen Baldwin (yes, one of THOSE Baldwins) and he has been following Kevin and his machines around while Kevin shows them to BP. You might find more info at

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