Epiphany Quest 2010—Chapter 3: Herding ducks

Two more days and I’ll be on an airplane to begin my summer roadtrip/spiritual journey, which my friend and I have dubbed Epiphany Quest 2010. We started out calling it our “Thelma and Louise trip,” because we’re just a couple of middle aged women in a car, traveling freely from town to town, but it didn’t turn out so well for them. So we then tried to make a Romy and Michelle connection, but we couldn‘t agree on who was the Mary and who was the Rhoda. So, Epiphany Quest 2010 it is.

I wish I could talk more about the purpose for the trip that I mentioned in previous posts—that my oldest friend is going through a painful divorce and just needs to get away far away—because it would make this story more complete. However, out of respect for her privacy, I’ll mostly be talking about my own side of the journey.

Not that my side of the journey will be dull! Far from it, because this is going to be an amazing trip, if it would ever begin! I have been getting ready for so long, it seems, that I feel like I’m chasing my tail.

I’ve been working with AAA (if you don’t have a AAA membership, you have no idea how helpful they are when planning something like this) and have all the hotels reserved with some pretty good deals. I also got a GREAT price on a rental car, because my friend didn’t want to take her own car on the road for such a very long drive, through desert and mountains.

I’m flying to Texas, from Florida, on Wednesday, and we’ll pick up the rental car once I land. Then we’ll go to the store to get lots of bottled water (we’ll be driving across the desert until we hit the Los Angeles area) and the car munchies we’ll need to get us as far as Scottsdale, where we’ll stay the night with family and also be hitting our very first TRADER JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who know Trader Joe know why I’m so jubilant. Those of you who don’t would never understand. Trader Joe is the most amazing grocery store on the planet, and we don’t have them in Florida, so I’m going to stock up. We’ll most likely pick up a bottle or twelve of Two Buck Chuck.* 😀

Meantime, I found a great link today to an article about The Best Healthy Foods in America, which will make it much easier for us to make food choices while traveling.

I’m getting ahead of myself. On Wednesday evening, my friend and I will have the first of the many psychic readings we’ve planned on the trip. We’ll be seeing an extremely gifted psychic/healer that I know (I don’t know if she has privacy preferences about being named in these blogs, so I’ll have to check with her first before I mention her name). This is the first, bookend reading that I mentioned in a previous blog—we’ll both receive a body scan from her, to see what condition our condition is in. We’ll have another in three weeks, when we return, to see what has changed.

But for today, Monday, I’m concentrating on packing light, yet thoroughly. We’ll be in three different climates, having lots of different kinds of adventures—from seeing the dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, to deeply spiritual journeys at Mt. Shasta, to the casinos of Lake Tahoe and then some—but I want to keep it down to one suitcase. We’ll have to do laundry several times this way, but we are going to have to lug this shit around with us from hotel to hotel, so I don’t want to be weighted down.

But I’m babbling now. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. So much to think about, so much to get ready, and so much anxiety about whether we have all of our ducks in a row, that it’s hard to concentrate on writing a coherent sentence. So forgive me if this has all been a mishmash of thoughts. Get used to it, because it’s going to be an incredible ride!

*Two Buck Chuck is now called Three Buck Chuck, due to inflation, but it’s still a smokin’ deal. I called it Two Buck Chuck here because the link I attached above still calls it by the old name.


3 responses to “Epiphany Quest 2010—Chapter 3: Herding ducks

  1. Elizabeth Hill

    Sounds absolutely exciting. I don’t think you need all your ducks in a row on a eppiphany quest. You can leave some things up to the Universe. You’ll be led and taken care of I am sure.

    P.S. The name of the grocery store is Trader Joes. And yes it is the best ever. I miss them here in TN.

  2. is there room in the trunk for me? I know, I know, everybody and their brother wants to go with you. I promise to enjoy the virtual tour you blog for us, and I’m excited to see all of you on your way back!!! Safe and joyous duck herding!

  3. HA! yes, I was just going to say ‘ain’t two buck chuck anymore…. but still a deal. I have a TJ nearby, and it is a great little place to pick up stuff. I kinda did a similar, but different trip last September. I was so brave! I went to South Africa by myself and did animal safaris all week. Not hunting, just enjoying

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