Epiphany Quest 2010: Chapter 8–Holy cow!

Today we’re leaving Lake Tahoe, a few days early, because the vibe here just isn’t what we’re looking for. The Lake itself is beautiful, but the casino city has a typical kind of desperate ickiness in the air. We’d rather spend the Solstice enjoying nature, so we’re heading out early to Salt Lake City, a very long drive across Nevada and Utah, including the Salt Flats, which I’m really looking forward to seeing.

While here in Tahoe, we’ve seen two brutal car accidents, where the vehicles were flipped over, and some poor soul in need of some sort of big help from the hotel staff. We don’t know what was going on, and didn’t pry, but something bad was happening. That’s when we took our drive yesterday to “get out of Dodge,” as it were, and saw the amazing cloud and sun formations that I posted pictures of on Facebook yesterday. It brought us back to center, thank Goddess, because we were both in pretty bad shape after Saturday.

Saturday was a nice day until the last part of the trip when we found ourselves on yet another terror ride, hugging the sides of mountains with no real guard rails to speak of. Then once we checked in to our hotel room, we decided to take advantage of the one night of this whole trip where we’ll be around a nightclub and lots of people on a weekend night. We got dressed up and went dancing. That’s when I realized that I’m either “too old for this shit,” a la Danny Glover, or I’ve “ascended” too far to enjoy today’s club scene. I was amazed to see that the club had almost-naked dancing girls, and some chick in mostly her skin, being painted for the amusement of the club goers. The music was AWFUL and the drinks were expensive, and the people were all laced with that same desperation that we felt in the casinos.

Now, I’m not judging. I am a card-carrying nudist so nudity doesn’t bother me (just don’t get me started on the topic of the objectification of women’s bodies). I used to work in bars, for many years, performed in many comedy clubs, and participated in my own forms of debauchery, so I don’t think these people are “bad” for doing this stuff. It just doesn’t fit who I am now. Plus, we just had better music back then. I don’t know what this shit was, but I don’t recall even hearing any words. Just lots of pounding.

The funny thing is that we came here, to Tahoe, after our amazing spiritual experience in Mount Shasta. I still haven’t written about that yet, because there is a much larger story playing out that hasn’t been completed yet. I’ll probably tell that tale once we reach the end of this trip. But in any case, we knew that when we left Shasta to come to a casino town that it had the potential for being a huge culture shock. I told Vicci it felt like coming down from Mt. Sinai, only to find the people having an orgy and dancing around a Golden Cow. Little did I know that “cow” would be a girl covered with paint.

Pics are posted on my Facebook page.

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2 responses to “Epiphany Quest 2010: Chapter 8–Holy cow!

  1. Excellent analogy, Moses! Makes me wonder if, after talking with God he decided he was too old for this shit too. I see you changing Florida when you get home.

  2. Curtis is right on the “money,” as usual, it would seem. Love the Moses analogy, especially me, since biblical and other mythological stories are my specialty. Yeah, living in Houston, I’m in constant culture shock, so is hubby. We just look at each other and shake our heads over the desperation/fear energy here. This is so cool! You are going to rock the place with all that vibe! And yes, the music sucks. My children listen to the music I listened to, and even the music my parents listened to, instead of most contemporary stuff. Excited to hear from you on the whole thing when you get home!

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