Alright already!

I’m not going to be posting many pics on today’s blog because I don’t have a lot of time to write and do all that right now. As we speak, I’m in what is quite possibly the shittiest laundromat I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve seen some shitty laundromats!). [NOTE: the pics in this blog were added later in the day.]

After Jeff and I left Cordele, we thought all of our problems were behind us, but alas we were incorrect. We got as far as Macon when the engine overheated again in a spectacular display of hissing steam, completely obscuring our view out the front window.

Fortunately, we were close to a garage, where they replaced a heater hose and the fan clutch. After a few hours, we were on our way again, but the delay made us late to arrive at our campsite. We didn’t have time to do much more than set up the tent and grab some dinner at a local Mexican joint, north of Athens, GA.

Wednesday, we headed off to Asheville, where we plan to spend a few days. About 30 miles south of there, the car suddenly began to reek of gas, so we pulled over and saw gasoline spewing out of the fuel filter onto the engine. It was shooting out at such a rate that I’m amazed we didn’t blow up. Once again, we were fortunate to be a couple blocks from a garage, where they replaced the fuel filter.

We finally made it to the campground we were looking forward to in Asheville, but they turned us away because they had “low water,” whatever the hell that means. So we ended up at another campsite.

It’s a gorgeous place, truly rustic … a little TOO rustic for my taste. I don’t mind roughing it, but this place only has portapotties, and they haven’t been emptied since the Bush administration. The pyramid of feces and toilet paper inside them has been a bit of a deterrent.

Suffice to say, I’m not drinking a lot of water because there aren’t enough trees to use during the day.

Oh, did I mention the rain? It poured and poured and poured and poured and poured. Lightning and thunder, lots of rain, arks floating by on the river, you name it, we got it. But the tent doesn’t leak, and we did manage to build a campfire between storms where we roasted hot dogs on sticks and had a chance to sample some of the “Chow Chow” (onion relish) that we had purchased in Georgia, at a roadside fruit stand.

I have a lot more to write about, like the Uncle Remus museum we stumbled upon and some other cool stuff, but I think my laundry is done (we had to wash a load because everything is covered in mud and rain). I’ll post some pics later, too.

FYI, I’m not complaining, just reporting. It’s been quite the eventful trip and I’m maintaining a fairly zen attitude, but I’m ready for some smooth sailing. Okay, God? Thanks. Yer a pal.


4 responses to “Alright already!

  1. Well, we can call it a colorful trip. That is the best way to describe it. I like the fact that whenever these things happen you are near a garage and you have some way of fixing the problem. I am only 90 miles from Asheville and would love to see you two but have no idea how I would make that happen. Keep on with your Zen attitude.

  2. Hang in Lisa. Very strange adventures so far. Bad things happen, but then you’re just close enough to fix them without being towed. Interesting…

  3. Following your adventures with bated breath! Here’s hoping yer pal gets it right for ya!

  4. Sure is a good thing you have a husband who is handy. Thankfully he knows how to fix all those things, or at least the ones that aren’t fixed by the garage.

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