And then some…

Okay, I’m back at the tent now, laundry all done, rain stopped (for now) and I actually have a few minutes to just sit and type a little. See the red chair there? That’s where I’m sitting right now.

I’d like to talk about some of the cool things we’ve seen, instead of just bitching about the bizarre conditions we’ve encountered so far. One of the reasons we’re taking back roads as much as possible on this trip is so we can see the sights that you don’t find on the interstate. Our first surprise was in Eatonton, GA. We were driving through on our way from Macon to Athens, and discovered it’s the home of the Uncle Remus museum! Who knew?

Well, everyone who lives in Eatonton, obviously, but neither of us knew. Did you?

We got out of the car and walked around for a while, and found Eatonton to be a charming little town! Unfortunately, photography isn’t allowed inside the Uncle Remus museum, but all the really interesting sights aren’t in there anyway, like these bathroom doors.

Jeff had a brilliant idea and took a picture of me giving this Brer Rabbit statue bunny ears, but he’s a shitty photographer and it came out blurry. Grrr! How often does one have a chance to do something like that?

Here are a few other fun things we saw, signs and whatnot that we’ll probably never get to see again:

What are you lookin' at? No, what are YOU lookin' at?


This sign had no reference to any specific law, so we're not sure what that's all about. Apparently no matter how heinous your crime, the max penalty isn't very severe.

The camping trip, while off to a rocky start, has turned beautiful. The weather, when it’s not raining, is exquisite. The temperature is just right, the breeze off the French Broad River is cool and light, and Jeff is having a great time fishing, tubing, and generally being a boy.

He mentioned, this morning, that he was impressed by what a trooper I was being (read the previous blog, about the shit-filled portapotties and extremely rustic conditions, like no hot water in the single shower, which is about a mile away from the tent sites). I told him that outward appearances are deceiving. If he could hear what’s happening inside my head, he’d tell a different story.

But now that it’s calmed down a bit, and we’ve gone almost an entire day without car problems, I’m really enjoying myself. Plus, they emptied the portapotties while we were gone at the Laundromat. ‘O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’ I chortled in my joy.

We met a really interesting girl at the Laundromat. She was about 29 years old, and she was camping, too, but she is hitchhiking across the country. She was doing laundry because she also got soaked out of her tent, like we did. She showed us a huge gouge in her hand, where she hit it with a hatchet, so I gave her our spare first aid kit. Last we saw her, she was riding off on the back of someone’s motorcycle. I don’t know where her camping gear was. I guess they were going to make two separate trips.

After that, we had a GREAT lunch at the Chapala Mexican restaurant in Weaverville, NC. If you’re in the area, we both highly recommend it!

Now, I think I’m going to stop writing for a while and enjoy some nature. And in case you’re wondering why all of the pictures are of Jeff having fun, remember Brer Rabbit and his blurry bunny ears.


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  1. I love you guys!

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