From ribs to robes

Today we spent the day wandering around Asheville. The only thing we had on our itinerary was to eat lunch at the 12 Bones restaurant, where President Obama and the fam ate while they were in town recently.

Beyond that, we just found whatever was in our path and had a fantastic day!

When we arrived at the 12 Bones at about 11:30, there was no line.

By the time we left, well, you can see for yourself what it looked like.

Then we strolled through a few of the artist studios in the River Arts District and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this piece by Fran Welch. If anyone out there truly loves me and wants to make me happy, please buy this for me. I WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT this.

After we’d had enough art, we found our way downtown to all of the really cool shops (Lexington Street is the best!) and discovered that we were in the neighborhood of the Basilica of St. Lawrence.

I left Catholicism behind, long ago, because while the rituals and incense are beautiful, I wasn’t able to hang with the sexism and homophobia. But this Basilica was breathtaking and reminded me that there is a lot about the Church that is good. We spent a lot of time there, and I feel like I’ve had sort of a religious healing, where there was once a deep wound.

However, when one is hanging out with Jeff, it doesn’t stay serious for long. Right across the street from the basilica is the Civic Center, where he was accosted by a statue.

Speaking of Jeff, I forgot to mention that he bought some pickles made by “Reverend Rick” at that same fruit stand where we bought the Chow Chow. These pickles were labeled as being blessed, and look at the result! Talk about a spiritual conversion … these pickles make a man walk on water!


One response to “From ribs to robes

  1. Lisa you are a writer! And all of these experiences will only make you a better one…. man have you been dealt some bad luck. What is the deal? Enjoying your blogs my friend, the brick shithouse comment cracked me up, had an experience similar to that early this year when the tornado alarm was sounded at the campground. We too had the brick shithouse as our shelter! Funny now, not funny then!

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