Holy Mother of God!

Let me start out by saying that I am a borderline atheist. Have you seen the movie Contact? I’m close to Ellie Arroway’s beliefs about God: that there is no scientific evidence to prove God’s existence and that Occam’s Razor (the simplest explanation is usually the correct one) is generally the case. However, I can also see Palmer Joss’ point of view, that sometimes things blow your mind and the only way to explain them is “God.” Well, I just had my mind blown.

Remember when I went on Epiphany Quest with Vicci and I had a psychic reading where I was told that Mother Mary had my back? Remember how skeptical I was? Well, I was, but I kept it on a back burner. However, when Jeff and I were recently in Asheville, we stopped in to take a tour of the Basilica of St. Lawrence and I bought a few medals at the gift shop for my parents, who were raised Catholic and still sort of maintain their faith, even if they don’t attend church regularly. I also picked up a medal for myself, one of the Virgin Mary. It was in a bin marked “Miracles.” Okay, I thought, and I tucked it away in my purse.

Well, last night when we got back to the camp after the car died AGAIN, I pulled it out of my purse and put it on. I practically dared it to work. “Come on,” I said, “if there is anything to this stuff, now is the time to prove it.”

After posting this morning’s blog, I went back to the tent to get warm (it’s very cold here, and I have to sit outside the campground office for an internet connection). Shortly thereafter, Jeff returned and told me his fine in court was only $55. Can you believe that? He was told it would be at least $500!

Next, while he was replacing the voltage regulator (which was the least expensive option to repair, so he tried it first), he told me he was going to have to find a jump because the battery was dead. At just that moment, two men walked by and stopped to talk to him about the car. Once they heard he needed a jump, they came back with a battery and jumper cables.

With that repair done, we went in to town to get some lunch and the car started acting up again. Yikes! It wasn’t the voltage regulator, apparently. The only other option was the alternator. We made it to the Napa store and one of the clerks came out to help Jeff fix the car (they never do that!!!). They didn’t have an alternator in stock, but he offered to test it to see if that was even the problem. If so, they could order one and have it here by morning.

Jeff removed the alternator, and the clerk noticed that the plugs, which Jeff was not supposed to remove with it but did by accident, had been fried. This was the problem! He still didn’t have what we need in stock, but lo and behold, one of their regular customers had just walked in and the clerk knew that this guy had just junked a similar car in which he had just put new parts like the ones we needed. This man happily agreed to go home and get it from his car and sell it to us for $50.

While he went on this errand, Jeff asked me to walk to the nearest ATM to get some cash for him, and I asked the man where I might find one. He directed me down the road a piece, but I “just happened” to find one right next door to Napa.

He quickly returned, and stayed to help until it seemed that Jeff had it handled. Unfortunately, he left too soon because the new part wasn’t fitting into place. That’s when I remembered that I was wearing the medal. I pulled it out and started asking for help. Immediately, another man pulled up with the exact tool that Jeff needed for the next phase of the repair. As soon as he got stuck again, someone else would show up and step in.

I was pretty blown away by now, but I kept doing it. Every time he’d get stuck, I’d ask again for help and get it. After a while I began to feel, not only silly, but wrong, like I was abusing some sort of power and likened it to “taking the Lord’s name in vain.” But then I reminded myself that I wasn’t being frivolous, we really NEEDED the help. God knows (no pun intended) that we’ve been through enough and just want to go home. We need all the help we can get at this point. So I stopped feeling bad and just kept asking for miracles, and they kept coming.

I’m not going to pretend to understand or explain what happened today. Nor will I say that I’ve had a religious conversion. I don’t know what that was all about, but there is no denying that strange things were afoot at the Circle K. All I know is that there were some pretty mind-bending synchronicities going on.

Wouldn’t it be especially amazing and miraculous if this whole thing was orchestrated just for my benefit, so that I would have this experience of finding out what was meant by “Mother Mary has your back”? If so, I gotta say I’m pretty impressed.


5 responses to “Holy Mother of God!

  1. Be thou impressed, dear lady! The feminine Energy is really powerful, especially here on planet Earth. Great connection you’ve got, in spite of your skepticism, or maybe because of it. Spirit has a great sense of humor, as I’m sure you know. The Mary thing is way bigger than the young lady who may have given birth to Jesus. She’s another incarnation of the Great Goddess consciousness. She’s definitely at your disposal.
    Thanks for the validation. Hugs!

  2. “When I find myself in times of trouble. Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, Let it Be.
    And in my hours of darkness she is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, Let it Be……”

  3. Ha ha. I like what Joy wrote. It certainly is amazing and maybe you needed that to show you that miracles do happen and that there are those around you guiding and helping you. The way I look at it, Mother Mary is an Ascended Master and in truth not really associated with any one religion. Just like I had Yogananda as a guide during the writing of Twin Souls or Archangel Michael helping me, you had Mother Mary come to help you. And maybe she came specifically because many people do associate her with Catholicism. And you have had such a difficult upbringing with religion. Just a thought, but I am glad she came to help you two today! It gives us all hope.

  4. I’m glad you accepted all the miracles. I’m excited that they kept rolling in! You guys have a terrific time, and get home safe. I miss our conversations!

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