Coincidence? You tell me!

Well, we finally made it out of Ohio. In fact, we made it all the way to North Carolina before deciding it to call it a day. We tried to make it to Charlotte, but circumstances forced us to stop a little sooner than that. Strange, bizarre, yet now typical of this trip, circumstances. 

We hard-balled it, pedal to the metal, on the most direct southerly path we could find. No more lollygagging. We’re both ready to get home. We did, however, have to stop in Steubenville, OH for this picture, because Jeff is a big Dino fan.

He’s also a fan of live bait in vending machines.

 Anyway, we were cooking along, enjoying the fact that the trip was uneventful. We didn’t even think of it as boring, it was uneventful. Along the way, I was able to pick up an internet signal in one of the bigger cities, and checked on hotel rooms in the Charlotte area, because Jeff thought that would be a decent amount of driving for one day (12 hours). I found one a little north of there for a better price than we could get in Charlotte, but he wanted to push on a little further so he wouldn’t have to drive as far tomorrow.

Just after we crossed the state line into NC, the car started overheating. We were, as usual, at an exit ramp, so we pulled over and Jeff saw that the radiator hose had a leak. He cut off the leaking end and made a temporary fix, and said we would have to stop at the first hotel I found, after all, because he would have to get a new hose and didn’t know if we’d make it all the way to Charlotte.

See why I like Best Western? Always a nice room at a great price.

We checked in and Jeff started talking to someone in the lobby. Turns out this guy grew up in Lineville, PA, the place where we just fed the carp last week during our camping trip! What are the odds? What a small world! What an amazing coincidence!

After we got our room key, we headed up the road to Cracker Barrel, because we needed some “home cooked” food. If you’ve ever been to Cracker Barrel, you know that the walls are covered with rustic, antique signs. I always wondered if they were real, or just manufactured to look old and kitschy, but one sign in particular took me aback. It was for Pasco Magic, a product I’ve never heard of, but we live in Pasco County, and we’re certainly seeing a lot of magic!

Just as I was saying, “Hmmmm…” to myself, I saw the sign right next to it, which said Elkhorn City, KY. We just spent a week in Elkhorn City (see previous blogs for proof!!!). I had to rush back out to the car to get the camera because I couldn’t believe my own eyes and wanted to remember this “coincidence.”

Now, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we’re on our way home. We hope to pull in by Saturday night. Hopefully I won’t have to pull in the big guns (I was rubbing that Virgin Mary medal for all it was worth the whole way here) this time and we’ll just get there with no incidents.

Here’s you a dog in a car.



One response to “Coincidence? You tell me!

  1. You really are living in the magic! Hmmm… Dean Martin fan and fan of live bait in a vending machine, coincidence??? Hmmm…

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