The boat ramp to nowhere

One of the bright spots about being a “product of today’s economy” (unemployed) is that Jeff and I have a lot of free time to find inexpensive ways to entertain ourselves. It’s weird how some people actually say things like “It must be nice to be on vacation all the time,” turning our situation into something that we’re doing wrong, when we simply haven’t found jobs yet and are making lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been handed. People are funny. And speaking of fun, we found an invisible lake and a portal to another dimension!

We recently visited a place called Crews Lake Park, in Pasco County, FL. You can see from the sign that there is a sizable lake in this park, including a boat ramp and a pier. The park is filled with gorgeous old-growth trees, all covered with the Spanish moss that makes Florida so beautiful, so the ride through the park on the bike was magical.

We followed the map to the boat ramp because Jeff is always interested in finding new places to fish. We finally found the boat ramp, but couldn’t find the lake! All we found was a literal sea of green. Fortunately, as I mentioned above, we’ve become experts at making the best of whatever situation life throws our way, so Jeff decided to cool off and take a dip.

We eventually found the pier, which was also woefully lacking in water, but at least there was a sort of a pond there. The water was obviously nowhere near as high as it’s supposed to be, because the grass under the pier has been mowed! When we got home we looked online to find out what the heck happened to the lake, but in the meantime this was one of the more amazing things we’ve seen in a while.

My favorite thing about this park is what I mentioned, briefly, above—the magical feeling that the trees give off. You know those “vortexes” that you hear about in Sedona, AZ and other places? I’m convinced there is one here in this park. Under these trees, it felt like I was stepping into another dimension. It was as if I could see the air rippling and colors were brighter. I felt like all of my cells were alive and standing at attention, being fed with the energy of pure life.

Jeff felt the same way inside this incredible tree formation, which brought to my mind the phrase “fairy ring.” We both lingered at these spots, which were very close to each other, for some time and got our batteries recharged.

Then, of course, we happened to find some dogs. That “here’s you a dog” thing just isn’t going away anytime soon, is it? 😉

Here's you two dogs.


3 responses to “The boat ramp to nowhere

  1. Your description reminds me of the Celestine Prophecy.

  2. I got the celestine prophecy thing too! Also, if your life isn’t a vacation you’re doing it wrong! Your current vacation just happens to be sans-job. I’m so thrilled to read these blogs! It feels like you really are making the most of your lives, and since I know you, I know that’s because you ARE! Keep up the blogs! They inspire and bring joy!

  3. Yep, what Curtis gushes. All of it.

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