Indigo synchronicity

The Indigo Girls perform in St. Petersburg, FL October 1, 2010

I recently told the amazing story of how Jeff and I met twenty-one years ago, but the story continues this week with some incredibly delicious irony. Back then, Jeff came to visit me in Chicago two weeks after we met and it was during this visit that I realized that he was the one for me. It was also during that time that we began a shared admiration for the music of the Indigo Girls. Last night, we saw the Indigo Girls live for the first time, two weeks after our anniversary. I can’t help wondering what this synchronicity means.  

One of the things we did while he was visiting me that first time was to hang out at one of the local comedy clubs (we were both standup comics, if you’ll recall) called the Comedy Womb. I lived close to the Womb, and that’s where all the Chicago comics would hang out on a Friday night to grab a little stage time. It was a very small crowd, so the comics had the run of the place, to do pretty much whatever they wanted, so one of my comic buddies, Bennett Michaels, brought his guitar up on stage and sang a real (non-comedy) song, Blood and Fire, by the Indigo Girls. He tore the song up and brought the house down, and it was while he was singing that I realized for the first time that I was actually in love with Jeff. So it became “our song” and was even played at our wedding for our “first dance.”

We loved the Indigo Girls so much back then that my daughter Kristina even posted this on my Facebook page yesterday, after “Liking” my comment that Jeff and I were going to see them last night (BTW, she’s butchering the lyrics to the song Closer to Fine):

Krissy: let me clarify! i like that life has taken a turn for the better. i DO NOT like the indigo girls. altho i like that you guys can take in their squawking without having to hear it myself. thank yuh.

Lisa Bonnice: Did I mention it’s a free concert?

Krissy: WOW!! that’s like a miracle for you guys!! INDIGO GIRLS FOR FREE!!! i don’t think it gets any better for you. life is all down hill from here!! KIDDING!!! but seriously i know how huge THAT is. i’m still traumatized by the memories …that tells me how huge it is!! hahaha

*sings as i shudder: i ran through the churches, i ran through the fountains *stabs self in ear: i ran through the valleys, i ran through the mountains. apparently stabbing yourself in your ear DOESN’T get a song out of your head.

where the hell is danger danger high voltage when i need it??? damn work and not being able to listen to music!!!

*shovel smacked in face* owww. quit it.
*shovel smacked in face again* ihhhhhh
*shovel smacked in face once more* owww. quit it.


Curtis H. Folts: Hey Krissy, Thanks! Now I know what to get you for Christmas. Do they make an “anti-ingo girls” cd?

Krissy: curtis, omg. you have NOOOO earthly idea how much they played their indigo girls tape growing up. stacy and i had nightmares cus it was in the background of our dream and it wouldn’t stop cus in real life they were playing it over and over and over and we could hear it.


Crossing the Tampa Bay on 275.

So anyway, hijinks aside, a place in St. Pete called Creative Clay, which offers classes to students of all ages with various disabilities in Florida, sponsored a free, fundraiser concert during the annual Folkfest,  a street fair with artists and food vendors and the headliner last night was the Indigo Girls! We wouldn’t miss this for the world, so we hopped in the car (we live about 90 minutes away from St. Pete) and headed in to town! 


We got there really early because there was no traffic, so we landed a killer parking spot at Tropicana Field, where they were offering free parking as part of the event. And because we got there so early, we had to kill some time so we grabbed a late lunch at Ferg’s Sports Bar, across the street from the “Trop.”

We shared a Cuban sandwich (a Florida tradition) and fries, and watched some fishing show on the bar’s multiple TVs (I hate TVs in bars … they’re so distracting!) which was hosted by two guys in jeans and t-shirts and a young woman who appeared to be wearing a prom dress. Don’t ask. I don’t know why. 

I’m so used to living in Florida that I forget sometimes how beautiful it is here. We live out in the boonies, so we experience a more wild Florida lifestyle with the bugs and critters, but even the police stations here are handsome! 

When we got there, the festival street was empty, so we were able to take our time and take in the sights. By the time the show started, however, it was standing room only, all the way down the block and then some. Thank goodness we had the foresight to bring some chairs! In the meantime, we saw some gorgeous artwork (didn’t buy anything, unfortunately) and Jeff took a picture of this door. Have I mentioned that he likes to take pictures of alleys and doors? Freud, anyone? 

By the time the Indigo Girls hit the stage, the street was standing room only.

Shortly before the concert began, the couple in front of us—who were perfectly seated for me to see beyond—moved their chairs a few inches to the left, so the man’s head was directly in my line of vision. They soon got up and went to get a beer, so Jeff—gentleman that he is—got up and pretended to trip, “accidentally” pushing the man’s chair back to its original location. See? He really is a keeper!   

I’ve seen a lot of concerts in my time, but I have to say that this was one of the best ever. The Indigo Girls were note perfect, and the sound engineers had the levels and volume ideally balanced. They sang a lot of our old favorites (they didn’t sing Blood and Fire, though) and it was a fantastic time for all. Meantime, Miami artist Lebo created a piece of art to be auctioned for the fundraiser.

How can love be a bad thing?

And, of course, since the Indigo Girls are openly lesbian, this was definitely a gay-friendly venue. I love attending gay-friendly events because only at a place where same-sex couples can feel comfortable holding hands is there a truly peaceful, happy vibe. Everyone is laid back and groovy and “gay” can actually mean “happy.” The last time we experienced this was a Melissa Etheridge concert, but that crowd was so predominantly female that Jeff was almost overwhelmed by all the estrogen in the air. 

On a side note, I finally had a chance to use the video capture function on my digital cam! I managed to take a few videos of my favorite songs, but I don’t think I’m allowed to post them without stepping over copyright laws. Plus, out of respect for my dear daughter’s delicate ears, I don’t know if a video of Closer to Fine would be appropriate.

Here’s you an irony photo: the person in the yellow t-shirt is the security guard who is supposed to be enforcing this sign. Don't be fooled by the small crowd. The opening act was playing and the VIP seats (which you can see) weren't filled yet.

One response to “Indigo synchronicity

  1. Cool! I’m actually IN a Lisa Sez blog!!! WOOT!

    I’m also getting really gay about this life you’ve been blogging ab out. You guys are really creating a beautiful time in life and sharing it with us. Thank you for that!!!

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