Snoozeville, USA

“Say, Lisa, why no new blog posts?” you might ask. If you did, I would respond, “Because life has been so freakin’ boring that I have nothing interesting to write about!” However, I have taken some fun and interesting (to me, anyway) pictures, so I think today’s blog will be just that … a bunch of pics that are collecting dust in my Pictures folder.

One has to wonder why they didn’t just buy a new mailbox.

I defy you to find one yellow tomato in this picture of “Yellow Tomatoes.” Orange, yes. Yellow, no.

I thought this was just a pretty building when I took the picture. I didn’t even notice the name of the place until I got home and looked at the pictures I took while in Tarpon Springs with Clark last week.

There are just so many unexplained focal points in this one. (Taken in St. Pete, across the street from Tropicana Field, as are the next few pics.)

Ferg’s Sports Bar in St. Pete. I love all the colors.

On the sidewalk in front of Ferg’s. It says:

New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals
The Mets go on to win another World Series
but the real earthshaking news is
groundbreaking for the St. Petersburg’s
downtown domed stadium.
Jim Healey & Jack Lake


In Ferg’s ladies room. Yes, I’ve become “that person.” Hey, Jeff doesn’t just pick up the camera to take pictures of me when I think I look okay that day, so someone has to do it!

This was on display at FolkFest St. Pete, the day we went to see the Indigo Girls concert on October 1.

This is a closeup of the same truck, above, of the doll heads on the cab’s roof.

One of the neato art displays at FolkFest.

I think Jeff found where they hid the yellow tomatoes.


It bothers me that my toaster has a nicer set of boobs than I do.

When you’re bored, anything makes an interesting picture. Here are some pics of us going through a car wash, from inside the car. Some of them turned out pretty cool!


And, of course, here’s you a dog:


3 responses to “Snoozeville, USA

  1. LOL Lisa. I walk around taking pictures of interesting buildings and other things too. It is actually quite fun and you can get really into it when you’re bored. I like the “Getaguru handmade soup co.”

  2. I like the “Schwann’s” Psychedelic Voodoo truck. My guess is you can buy Electric Kool-Aid, freeze-dried fungi and assorted mojo bags.

    You have a rare talent with boredom! That was fun! BTW, you looked really good in the ladies room pic!

  3. Ya gotta love our lives….so much to laugh about. Oh, and that mailbox, it’s all gussied up with Alabama Chrome, as Wendell would say. Thanks for the photo tour. Some are even familiar!

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