Won’t you be my neighbor?

We met some really fun and interesting people during our trip last weekend to Washington DC and the Rally to Restore Sanity. I want to use today’s blog to share a couple of pics and stories of the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street, the people that you meet each day (boy, talk about mixing your children’s show metaphors!).

Team Sanity: Tracy, Val, Jeff, me, Clark

Since today’s headline is a Mr. Rogers reference, let’s start with Mr. Clark Rogers. Clark is an old friend of mine, but we did technically “meet” in DC at his hotel on Friday night, for dinner, and then the next morning for the rally. Clark introduced us to his friends Tracy and Val, a charming couple from the DC area. They were delightful dinner companions, and they brought folding chairs to the Rally and shared with us, making the Rally SOOOO much more comfortable. Thanks, guys!

This is the guy who took the previous picture. The crowd sort of got that way, where instant friends were made. We had to get a picture of him and his girlfriend, just because he took a picture of us.

This guy in Viking drag told me that he wanted to find 12 other people dressed like him to storm the stage and ask Stephen Colbert, “What’s in YOUR wallet?”

As the crowd was still filtering in, a woman came up to our group and said, “You guys look fun. Do you mind if I sit with you?” Well, who can resist a compliment like that? We asked her to please join us, and she ended up being just as fun as us. In fact, it was Sandra who realized that we were in danger of being overrun by the sudden onslaught of latecomers who, for some reason, began streaming through the crowd right in front of us. They were climbing over us and our chairs and our stuff and our legs and completely ignored the fact that HELLO! THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE! It was her idea to move her chair up a few inches to create a sort of cul de sac, which immediately slowed (nothing would stop it completely) the flow. She was a great addition to Team Sanity, even if she was carrying a Team Fear sign.

Speaking of the latecomers and rude people, no DC blog would be complete without a shot of the back of the guy’s head who showed up late and stood right in front of me, blocking my view (bastard).

These officers were having just as much fun as the crowd. I sincerely hope they had a good day, and that they didn’t have to deal with any serious idiocy. I mean, I may bitch about the people who directly affected my chi with their rudeness and lack of Sanity, but I think the crowd was cool, overall, considering there were 215,000 of us.

God only knows who was actually inside the Gumby suit, but of all the costumes we saw, this was the one Clark made a point of getting his picture taken with. Looks like this costume has seen better days!

We met some interesting people on the interminable bus ride from Dulles Airport to L’Enfant Plaza in downtown DC (the dreaded 5A bus, which never had enough seats and took over an hour, sometimes, to get from here to there). This man was from Rome, Italy, and he was having a great time playing with another passenger’s iPhone. He’d never seen one before and it was really cute to see his joyful reaction.

This poor guy had literally just moved to DC from San Jose, CA and wasn’t even there for the Rally. He was just trying to get to his new pad to get some sleep, after taking the red-eye across the country. He just got his certification as an engineer, and was about to start a new job the next day. The last thing he needed was to be stuck in gridlock traffic. Happy trails, dude!

These delightful young ladies are from Brazil! They are exchange students spending a semester in Athens, GA, and they decided to come to DC for the Rally. Carolina and Camila were very sweet and their English was excellent, with just a hint of a Portuguese accent. Jeff talked a lot with Carolina because he was standing by the back door, near her seat, and I mostly talked with Camila, because she was sitting near me. She told me she is studying journalism. She was very excited to be at the Rally, in our nation’s Capitol. Hearing her talk, with awe in her voice, about the largeness of the experience gave me a fresh perspective on what we were doing. We went our separate ways at L’Enfant Plaza: they went to the Holocaust Museum and we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

After the Smithsonian, Jeff and I wandered over to the Capitol to get some pictures. I had to wait while this group got their shot in, but while I was waiting, Jeff was finding a cell phone on the ground. Turns out the phone belonged to one of the gentlemen in this photo. He was so grateful to have his phone returned to him, that he insisted on having his friend take a picture of himself with Jeff. I, therefore, had to get a picture of Jeff with him. I love people, sometimes! (That is, as long as they don’t cut in front of me in a crowd at the last minute, after I’ve staked out a perfect spot for hours! You know who you are! And in case you don’t, here’s a picture of the back of your stupid head! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

Here's you a big fat head.


4 responses to “Won’t you be my neighbor?

  1. Ok, I have a man question for you. Was he giving head to everyone in washington, or just you?

  2. Great Lisa….I think your stories of the event are as much fun as being there would have been! Without the crowds….I hate crowds…and the BFH guy…he really sucks… Still, there is always something great about the energy of lots of people of like mind and heart gathering together in one place. I am not surprised that you and Jeff attracted so many nice and fun folks to your space. (BFH guy excepted!) (Hey Curtis, maybe if enough people were to post this picture…he’d be giving head to the world!)

  3. Interesting read, except I have no fucking idea what you were there for. What was this gathering of 215,000 about anyway? A big tea party?

  4. Too bad you couldn’t put a mini Jumbotron on the fathead’s head so you could see. Next time, take a periscope. To stick up the guy’s………well, you get the picture!

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