The squeaky wheel gets the blog

I’m finally listening to my Inner Nag and posting a blog, just to keep the wheels greased. So here are some fun pics from the past few weeks or so.

This is the north end of a road in our area that we need to use every day, and it has been under construction forever. We’ve had to detour out of our way for what feels like an endless stretch of time. They finally paved it, but haven’t painted it yet so it’s not open, but that doesn’t mean ol’ Jeffro didn’t decide to drive the bike through there, a la Rebel Without a Shortcut. The next time we saw this intersection it was completely barricaded.

Jeff has decided, after almost two years of unemployment, to go back to school. This is a sign we saw on campus. Those of you who know Jeff can make up your own punchlines.

We saw this tank at a park recently. We don’t know who Miss Brenda is and haven’t been able to find out. We even made a point of getting off the bike and going into the park office to see if they had any literature. Not only did they not have any brochures or signage, the employees scattered like startled cockroaches when they saw curious people coming.

Oh, here’s a sign. “Keep … off … the …”

We went to the flea market today because our favorite Greek deli has a shop there, and I took this picture I’ve entitled Flea Market Karaoke. The couple singing (standing between the central pillar grouping) were very good. However, even the poor quality of this picture cannot convey the overall grunginess of the scene.

And, of course, here’s you a dog, flea market style.


4 responses to “The squeaky wheel gets the blog

  1. Not to be a nag or anything… but it’s about time!

    Jeffro… HA!

  2. Tommie Phillips

    -Still waiting for any news about progress of the new tome in progress… inquiring minds wanna know!

  3. David Winfrey

    Where was the park with the tank?

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