If you can’t say something nice …

The news has been exploding lately with stories about the rich and famous saying and doing really stupid things. They then exacerbate the situation by making excuses or lying about what they said or did, instead of just coming right out and saying, “Oops. That’s not who I meant to be.”

Maybe it’s because that’s not what they meant to say either, but I’m taking this opportunity to learn from their mistakes. After all, that’s the job of the famous, isn’t it? To be role models, either good or bad?

I’ve always suffered from foot in mouth disease. Apparently it’s a Sagittarius trait and I have it in spades. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said something stupid just because it sounded funny in my head but when it left my mouth it was offensive or disturbing to the person I was talking to. They couldn’t see the entire train of thought that made sense inside my head before it derailed as the words spilled from my mouth and off the track.

So I’ve learned, over the years, to just shut up and really think hard before I open my yap. (That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen anymore, it just happens less often.) Therefore, I actually feel compassion for these people when they get busted by the media saying or doing something stupid. I try not to throw stones at their glass houses.

At least, that’s how I look at it from the 3D side of the veil.

In the metaphysical, spiritual realm, where we see that our words are the magical tools of creating our future, these people are teaching me another lesson entirely.

As you no doubt know, what we speak is a reflection of what’s going on inside, and manifests externally. When Tracy Morgan goes on an anti-gay rant on stage, even though he’s known by his friends as being gay-friendly in “real life,” it shows that his internal world is conflicted on this issue and has now manifested physically as his external tangle of apologies and career nosediving.

When Sarah Palin completely destroys one of the most well-known, elementary school stories in American history in front of the media, it shows that she’s more concerned about being known as an intellectual instead of a simple person with other important personality traits that are not valued in the government. (You don’t know how hard it was for me to write that because, in the 3D world, I really wish she’d just go away.)

When I find myself gossiping, complaining or just saying something stupid (which, fortunately, I don’t do as often as I used to, but I still find myself blabbing like a Sagittarius from time to time) I know that I’m not speaking from my higher Self, I’m speaking from the part of my ego that feels excluded from a happy life. And this manifests physically as the people and circumstances I prefer to be around moving away from me, vibrationally. It creates a world where I’m on the outside of the “vortex,” as Abraham calls it, looking in.

So when I catch myself doing that, I remind myself to shut up for a minute. I center myself, pull my inner Self up and out, and start over. I speak from the heart and find that I’ve turned back into the healer and powerful manifester of groovy stuff that I know I really am.

I can honestly say, “Oops. That’s not who I meant to be,” and start again.  And then I thank the Anthony Weiners, Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Sarah Palins of the world for showing me who I do want to be.


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