Christmas in Florida

Friends up North, while able to appreciate the tropical paradise that is Florida the rest of the winter, wonder how on earth we deal with not having a White Christmas. Here is how we do it …

I found some fun places around the neighborhood. They’re not great photos because I took them with my phone, often while Jeff was driving by.

Next to the pool at the local nudist resort (no, there is no one at the pool, so don't bother looking.)

Those folks apparently got their gift early and straight from the Birthday Boy himself!

An egret does some last minute shopping at Best Buy.

This is how Santa delivers his stuff in swampy Florida. Make sure you leave your lanai unlocked for him!

And because we're moving and our house looks like this ...

... this is our Christmas Tree. Merry Christmas from Lisa and Jeff!


And, of course, here's Yule a dog. 😀


One response to “Christmas in Florida

  1. I’m excited to see you both on your way west!

    Our house looks like that all the time, by the way.

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