A Vision Board come true …

From time to time I’ll make up a vision board (usually after the stack of magazines I’m saving for the project gets too tall to stand alone). A couple months ago, I finally got out my scissors and glue stick and made this:

The fun part of a vision board is watching for clues that the things you placed on the board are beginning to manifest. So far, there have been some interesting “coincidences,” like all of the houses I put on there. Jeff and I are moving to the Phoenix, AZ area next week, and are for the first time planning to buy our own house and not rent anymore. That was not in our plans when I made this board.

There is also a reference to Archangel Michael on the bottom, in the center. My son-in-law, Michael, who also moved to the Phoenix area recently with my daughter, is nicknamed Michael Archangel.

I could go on, but what caused me to actually sit down and write this blog is this little piece of humor that I added to the board, just for fun. I wanted 2012 to be when I get back to work on my novel series, so this tiny picture of a t-shirt is supposed to represent my desire to do that. Plus, I thought at the time, it was rather ironic that the first novel in that series is entitled “Be Careful What You Witch For!” and the shirt starts out with the phrase “Be Careful …” You can see this in the upper, right quadrant of the board, just above the shiny bubble.

Sooooo, imagine my surprise when I opened one of my Christmas presents, this one from Jeff’s brother’s family, and found this! Isn’t life fun?


6 responses to “A Vision Board come true …

  1. You creating genius you!!! Merry Christmas and all of the future too!

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