The land of the Very Hot Sun

I love living in Arizona, where Jeff and I just moved a couple months ago. A glimpse of the Superstition Mountains takes my breath away. Watching an actual road runner run down the road makes me giggle with glee. But I actually bought a cowboy hat and I wear it, no matter how goofy I may look, because that is one. hot. sun.

I lived in Florida for nine years before moving here to the Phoenix area, so I know from hot weather. They say in Arizona that it’s a “dry heat” and Florida is, indeed, a very damp state. Houses can be covered in green fungusy stuff in a very short time, if you don’t power wash them often. But here, in the Valley of the Sun, fungus doesn’t have a chance to grow because there isn’t even a skosh of moisture in the air to feed it.

That’s Pat Benatar onstage behind me and my hat.

Jeff and I have been taking really long walks early in the morning on the weekends, but we seem to be leaving the house earlier and earlier each week, because it gets much hotter much earlier each week. We’ve seen some really cool things, like ant patios.

There is a stretch of vacant land between our housing addition and the grocery store, which I’m sure will be filled by a strip mall in less than a few years–once the economy picks up. We take a shortcut across and saw that the ants here actually landscape the area around their holes.  Unfortunately, the pics from my cell phone are pretty lame, so I have nothing to show you. Why mention it at all then? Because I think you have a pretty good imagination and you can probably come up with a much more exciting visual of landscaping ants than any cheap cell phone pic can express.

(Added at a much later date: I just found the photo I was talking about, so here it is, the landscaped ant pati0.)

Nope, no water in here.

I know that I’ll get used to it in time. After all, Phoenix is a pretty doggone big city and there are lots of people who live here. They all manage to survive in this climate, and I actually really like it. It’s just going to take some getting used to feeling all of my body fluids instantly depleted the millisecond I step outside of an air conditioned environment.

It doesn’t seem to affect the local critters, though, unless this one was just crazy from the heat: Jeff and I were taking one of our early morning walks, when this dog came very close to jumping over this very high wall and scared the crap out of us. Next time we walked by, I had the camera ready. Therefore, here’s you a jumping dog.


7 responses to “The land of the Very Hot Sun

  1. I like your new blog Lisa. It will be fun for all of us to see your new surroundings. That dog was hysterical. And you look great in that cowboy hat.

  2. I love the jumping dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the jumping dog, and the hat! Welcome to the southwest! *waving at you from next door in CO* 🙂

  4. I sense there’s a mini trampoline behind the fence! You look great in the cowboy hat, by the way.

  5. The Color of Lila

    Lisa, Hubby and I were stationed in Arizona, actually got married there. Beautiful country, but oh yes – hot and dry. Love the cowboy hat! I have fallen in love with Canadian Tilley hats, which come in actual sizes and various styles and materials. Rarely go out without one, summer or winter. Sun or rain, great for both… And for hiding under on bad hair days…

  6. Little known fact Lisa. I went to college at the Univ of Tucson. Visited Phoenix all the time for the football games. We also traveled down to Nogales for our drinking binges. Rofl..

  7. Kathy Casford

    Hey Lisa — Enjoying your blog posts immensely. So proud to have such a clever and articulate cousin 🙂 I always love the “it’s a dry heat” comment that folks make when describing the weather in Arizona — it may be a dry heat, but so is fire! Hope to see you guys soon, like in September, when the heat is a bit less “dry”.

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