The Chicken Fat Challenge

As you may know, Jeff and I moved to Arizona from Florida in January, and while he found a job and I finished a book, we stayed with my Mom. Much to my dismay, I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight while living with Mom and her excellent cooking (and junk food filled cupboards).

We’re moving into a new house on June 1, so it’s back to our way of eating, and I should lose that excess weight fairly quickly (I hope I hope I hope), but I also need to work on getting back into some sort of physically active shape. I’ve been sitting on my butt writing for several months and I creak when I move now.

My friend, author Katie Thomas, has been doing amazing things with some hardcore exercise, challenging herself to “Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30″ plus 20 Bikram classes and 12 times doing Ab Ripper X in the month of June.” Well, I am nowhere NEAR the condition one needs to be in to tackle something like that so I’m starting out on just a little gentler path.

Starting June 1, I’m going to force myself to do the Chicken Fat record every single day.

Remember Chicken Fat by Robert Preston? No? Then you are not of my generation. From Wikipedia: “In 1961, Preston was asked to make a recording as part of a program by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness to get schoolchildren to do more daily exercise. The song, “Chicken Fat,” which was written and composed by Meredith Willson and performed by Preston with full orchestral accompaniment, was distributed to schools across the nation and played for students in calisthenics every morning.”

Chicken Fat by Robert Preston

I remember exercising in gym class to this record, and it being a good workout, but I was young and full of health. To do it today would be to kick my own ass. A sad statement, but true. So, I’m going to get back in shape with Robert Preston before I try to match the lovely Katie, with her new six-pack.

I’ll keep you posted. Meantime, here’s you an exercising dog


2 responses to “The Chicken Fat Challenge

  1. archmessengerdotcom

    I’m tired after listening to that song! I have no doubt you’ll give that chicken fat back to the chicken, and those empty calories back to your mom’s pantry!

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