Chicken Fat follow-up

Last week I posted a challenge to myself to exercise to the old 45 record, Chicken Fat, because I’m in such lousy shape that I need to start over at an elementary school level. Well, I was right. That record is kicking my butt!!!

First, I learned a very important thing: wear a sports bra. Jumping Jacks, which I haven’t done since … well, I don’t know how long … are not friendly to unconfined, middle-aged mammary glands.

I was able to do a lot more push-ups than I expected, but sit-ups are a no-go. I may need to practice doing them because the record goes way too fast for me to keep up with.

Also, it was a lot easier to get up and down quickly when I was in second grade. You go from standing to lying on your back and back up again a few times during this short workout, and he doesn’t give you nearly enough time to struggle to your feet after doing The Bicycle.

But, hey, I’m cutting myself a break because at least I’m doing it. I’m not letting my vertigo issues, or my crunchy knees, or (insert an infinite number of reasons to not torture myself here) stop me.

At least, not yet. 😉

And, just for fun, here’s you a dog, which posed very nicely for the camera:

This dog ABSOLUTELY posed for this picture. It was all goofy and happy and wagging its tail, until it saw me pull out the camera. Then it refused to stop voguing for me until it heard the shutter click.


One response to “Chicken Fat follow-up

  1. archmessengerdotcom

    Maybe I should get a sports bra too.

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