To beat or not to beat — not much of a question

I didn’t make a deadline I set for myself. It was one that I was taking seriously, but I was still unable to make it. In the olde days, I would have given myself a thorough and long lasting thrashing about how much I suck. Fortunately I’ve grown up a little and that is no longer my reaction. Instead, I’ve decided to see what I’ve learned from this.

The deadline was to complete 50,000 words toward a new novel in one month, by participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a contest that one wages against oneself. I could have probably pulled it off if my household had not experienced an economic disaster, the kind that so many other families are living through while our society rewrites itself. So, yeah, I was a little distracted. It has taken me this long to begin to feel like every little thing is gonna be alright.

On the plus side, I did get over 30,000 words written, and the storyline itself is pretty much finished in my head. All that’s left is the “scribbling and bibbling.” I’ve fallen in love with the new characters and am enjoying fleshing out the folks we got to know in Book 1. I’ve renewed some good work habits that I let go lax since I finished my last book (I needed a break) and am enjoying writing again. This is going to be a fun book.

So, I may not have met that goal, but I am certainly further along on that project than I would have been if I hadn’t even tried.

Yay me!

Yay, me!

Yay, me!

Along those lines, today is my 52nd birthday. I refuse to wallow in fear and self-pity about what is going on in the personal side of my life. That’s what I’ve spent the past couple weeks doing, and that’s what derailed me in this contest. I know it’s up to me to change how shitty that has made me feel.

So, as a birthday gift to myself, I’ve written a new bio, because even with my ego pushed aside, I have to admit it’s a pretty doggone interesting story (even if it is long–52 years worth). I’m going to, just for today, toot my own horn without apology. If you’re interested, you can read it here, on my bio page.

One response to “To beat or not to beat — not much of a question

  1. How am I happy for thee, let me count the ways.
    1. You are still rockin this world with who you are.
    2. You are being kinder to yourself.
    3. You are sharing your world with me (ok that’s why I’m happy for me)
    4. You are, for the most part, happy (or at least it looks so from here)
    5. You create consciously.

    I could go on and on and on…

    Thanks for being my friend.

    Happy 52nd year!!!

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