Anything I want

I was at a “Creative Creation” class and the instructor suggested a little game for us. He pointed to a bookshelf that held several decks of Tarot and Oracle cards and told us all to pick up a deck. He didn’t want us to use the cards to do readings, he said that he wanted us to pull random cards and each build a story out of them. Everyone grabbed a deck and settled in on the floor to begin.

I saw, on the shelf, a bag of Scrabble tiles and I told him I’d rather use them, so I could spell out anything I want. He said that would be okay, but suggested that I make it a little more challenging. He said that I could use the little books that come with the decks to pick out random words and build a sentence out of those.

scrabbleI grabbed the books and the tiles and sat them down on the floor in front of me. I picked up the first book, closed my eyes, opened a page and plopped my finger down on a word on the left side of the center binding. I opened my eyes and was delighted to see that I was pointing at the word “anything.” I laughed and told everyone, “Check it out! My first word was ‘anything’!”

Everyone was just as tickled by this coincidence as I was, as I picked out the letter tiles and spelled out the word on the floor. I picked up another book, and repeated the process. I was a little spooked to see, when I opened my eyes, that I was pointing at the word “I.”

I found the letter tile and put it next to the tiles that were spelling out the first word in my Creative Creation sentence. I said to everyone, “What are the odds that I pick the right word from the last book?” We all laughed and agreed that it would be amazing and awesome, but somewhat unlikely.

I picked up another book, closed my eyes and pointed. I opened my eyes and the gravity of what I saw shook me. I dug through the tiles and completed my sentence:

Anything I want.

I closed my eyes again and when I opened them I saw that I was in my own bed, in my own room, with Jeff snoring softly beside me. I could smell the timer-set coffee brewing in the kitchen and heard the sounds of the garbage truck down the street, picking up cans and crashing them back down to the curb. It was just a dream.

Life is but a dream, isn’t it?

Here’s you a dog playing Scrabble:



2 responses to “Anything I want

  1. Wow! This one was so profound you forgot to leave us a dog! Way to message yourself!!!

  2. LOL! You’re right! I found you a dog and posted it.

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