Does lack of money keep you fat?

As the author of Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body, I hear from a lot of readers that money issues sometimes keep them from taking proper care of themselves. They feel that they have to focus too much time on financially surviving, and there is no time left for themselves. So just for fun, I’m posing the question: If someone offered you a million dollars to reach a reasonable weight/fitness goal by the end of the year, could you do it? If so, how?

Just to make it easier for you, your living expenses are all paid for between now and then. Money is no longer an issue. You have all the free time you need to really take care of yourself. But if you don’t make that goal, you have to pay it all back.

What would you change about your life in order to meet that goal? You’ve just signed the contract and now it’s time to begin. What would you do first, and then what would be your follow-up actions?

If it was me, if money was literally no object, I would begin by setting up some doctor’s appointments because I have some crazy health issues that I don’t have a handle on because I can’t afford the kind of health care that I need. Standard doctors have been unable to help me, and since none of it is life threatening, I just have to live with it and hope to someday be able to afford to find some help.

Food Pr0n: Potato and Radicchio Flatbread

Potato and Radicchio Flatbread (Photo credit: drmiggy)

In the meantime, I would hire someone to do all of my meal planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. That person would take in mind all of my body’s needs with regard to sugar, gluten, organics and GMOs, etc. I would be eating the diet that is truly healthy for me and makes me feel good.

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, because money is no object and I don’t have to spend all of my headspace worrying about working instead of working out, I’d join a gym and hire a personal trainer who would be nice to me, and take into consideration how out of shape I’ve gotten due to having to sit at a desk to earn a living. This person would care about me as an individual, not bark commands and belittle me if I wasn’t able to keep up at first.

Boy, it’s no wonder celebrities can look the way they do. They can afford all of this, and plastic surgery, too!

Is lack of money keeping you fat? How is money keeping you stuck in a body you’re not happy with? What would you do if money was no object?

Are there any changes that you could make right now that don’t cost anything?

Lisa Bonnice is the author of several books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body. Visit her website to learn more about Shape Shifting, and the Shape Shifting Book Study Group on facebook.

7 responses to “Does lack of money keep you fat?

  1. Funny, I’m so used to limited money thinking that I said in the blog I’d join a gym. Heck, if money was no issue, I’d have a gym built on to my house and have the trainer come to me!

  2. Wouldn’t this be a great reality show? The Million Dollar Diet? I volunteer to host it and be the first guinea pig!!!

  3. Lack of money is a factor for sure. I would also like to get treatment for some health issues. I would love to be able to go off on yoga retreats in fun places. And really long trail rides. I have a friend who has hiked the Continental Divide Trail. I would like to do that on horseback 🙂 So yeah, I think things would look a lot different if money was no longer an issue.
    But since that isn’t the case right now, I just do what I can. Free and cheap yoga classes that are available locally. And we just suck it up and buy organic food.. Yeah, it costs more, but our health is worth it. I think just about everyone can afford to eat well if they just make it a priority. Doing the little things you can is better than doing nothing 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed this. And it inspired me to think creatively about how I could manifest the million dollar results without the dollars. Could I barter for some of it? Could I get creative with other aspects? There’s a cool show on HGTV about a designer who first designs “dream room” for thousands of dollars – then re-designs it for pennies on the dollar. What if you created “The Million Dollar Diet on a Diet”? I wonder of it could be an inspiration – a way to help people approach not having money with creativity and fun – and maybe even take the stress out of it. I don’t know if this would work for medical issues, though.

  5. I’m halfway considering pitching this as a reality show. I’m not a fan of reality TV, but I think this could actually be fun, to try to figure out how to do what we all know we need to do, within our budgets, or how to expand our money consciousness so we can afford to really take care of ourselves.

  6. This would make a TV show worth watching! Go for it!!

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