Added to Bucket List: Paolo Nutini concert

The trip that Jeff and I are planning for next summer is based pretty much on things we’ve learned about the UK from the BBC and BBC America. We are focusing, primarily, on the better known British offerings to the entertainment world, like Doctor Who and the Beatles, but we’re wavering off the path to see some that are lesser known here in the States like the seaside town of Blackpool. One of those I’m adding today is to see a Paolo Nutini concert, if he’s performing in the UK next summer.

We saw him perform Pencil Full of Lead on the Graham Norton Show and were completely blown away by the voice that came out of this boy (we’re in our fifties–to us, he’s a boy). Watch him wail and tell me that you wouldn’t go see him live, if you were in the vicinity:


2 responses to “Added to Bucket List: Paolo Nutini concert

  1. One thing I will say, Lisa, is that I would stretch your net wider than what you see on the BBC, BBC America, etc. I think it’s a bit like people being shown the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, etc – i.e. bit stereotypical of the places that we’re supposed to see when visiting America. I sometimes think that a lot of Americans (not all of course) think that London IS England, instead of it being a city within England (albeit the capital). I think people miss a lot by only visiting the usual places like London, Stratford-on-Avon, etc. As I said, The country of Cumbria is close to Lancashire, so the Lake District National Park is well worth a visit when you’re visiting Blackpool. Down in the South-West of England you have the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset – collectively known as the ‘West Country’ – and my own personal favourite part of England, though I love all of it.

    Anyway, back to Cumbria and the Lake District.

    This one is a bit longer, but worth watching:

  2. Oh, we’ll definitely be doing a lot of that, too. Both Jeff and I have ancestors from the UK, so we’ll be doing some visiting of ancestral places, and other sites we both want to see. For now, I’m just writing about the stuff that other people might have heard of. So, by all means, keep sharing good ideas! We’re not limiting our trip to just TV scenery! 😀

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