Okay, this is getting weird

Ever since Jeff and I have decided to make this trip to the UK actually happen, things have been falling into place in fun and bizarre ways. Here is the latest:

In a scene from the BBC mini-series Blackpool, David Tennant‘s character, DI Peter Carlisle, interviews Hailey, the prostitute, (played beautifully by Lisa Millet) about the murder of Mike Hooley. The interview takes place, I’m assuming, in the famous Blackpool Ballroom, with the also famous Wurlitzer organ being played in the background. Carlisle is interviewing all of the local hookers, and has invited them to neutral ground and supplied a nice tea.

Lisa Millet, as Hailey, and David Tennant as detective Peter Carlisle, having tea and questions in the Blackpool Ballrom

Lisa Millet, as Hailey, and David Tennant as DI Peter Carlisle, having tea and questions about sex and death in the Blackpool Ballroom.

One of the things we (well, I … Jeff doesn’t know it yet) intend to do while in Blackpool is have tea and pastries, like Hailey and Carlisle, at the Blackpool Ballroom, hopefully sitting in the same spot and getting a picture or two.

Because having tea in England is not like it is here (usually at a McDonald’s drive-thru) I have no idea of the proper etiquette and I’ve been doing some research so that I’ll know how to behave. 😉

Here comes the amazing synchronicity. Last week, a friend asked me to meet her for lunch somewhere in Mesa, a city about 45 minutes away from here. Because it’s a long drive, I plugged my iPod into the car speakers and listened to a playlist. Yep, I played the Blackpool soundtrack (obsess much? you betcha!). One of the songs is “I Second that Emotion”:

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the place we were meeting, and that song–which I haven’t heard, aside from the soundtrack, in many years–was playing on the radio.

But wait! There’s more!

My friend, who has no idea that I’m planning this trip, had a surprise for me. It was an English-style tea party, complete with manners and etiquette lessons. Let me reiterate that she had no idea that I was wanting to learn this very specific and unusual thing.

Boom. Out of the blue. Just like that. I now know how to not embarrass myself once we hit the shores of a country where drinking tea is like breathing.

And I learned that I love Earl Grey tea!


6 responses to “Okay, this is getting weird

  1. Bergamot is the bomb!!! There is also a tea called “Earl Greyer” that has double the Bergamot. Oh I do like it!!

    You synchronous creator you!!! This is getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaay exciting!!

    I know you’ll keep sharing and I’m very grateful!

  2. Hello Lisa.
    About the etiquette regarding afternoon tea. There isn’t any. I think the idea that we take afternoon tea and that there is some kind of ritual involved is somewhat the fault of Hollywood and our own myth-makers too. I suppose the only thing I can equate it to is thinking that most Americans sit down to apple or blueberry pie every day, which of course you don’t. If afternoon tea ever was a ritual then it was one amongst the upper class toffs, but one that is hardly gone through these days. Earl Grey is available but I’d take a fair guess that it’s drunk by a minority. I tried it once and the bergamot made me feel like throwing up! We drink tea and/or eat cakes when the fancy takes us, so there’s no etiquette involved. You can get something to eat and drink at the Ballroom (including afternoon tea) but whether you can have it the main ballroom is another matter. That might have just been for the benefit of the makers of Blackpool. You need to check when the Tower ballroom is open when you come too. You’ll have to check the opening times of the ballroom as well, as it isn’t always open. These are the opening times for this year, but you’ll have to check next year’s opening times when they’re available. As you can see, it is closed at certain times. http://www.theblackpooltower.com/plan-your-visit/times-and-prices.aspx

  3. Forgot to add, click on the ‘Blackpool Tower Ballroom’ tab in the above link to see the opening times, etc.

  4. Thanks for the feedback on the tea ritual. It’s good to know that it’s not that big a deal over there–not as big as we’ve been led to believe–but if I do get invited to tea with royalty I’ll know how to not embarass myself.

    I had never tried Earl Grey until that day, and I only chose that over the others on offer because it’s what Jean Luc Picard drinks. 😀

    I was surprised that I liked it so much because I’ve never really cared about tea one way or the other. But now I have a cup every morning with breakfast.

  5. You are definitely making me miss my tea and scones from the little shops next to the old mansions and castles I visited when I lived in England long ago. Awesome synchronicities! You are a very good creator (I tell hubby this all the time; just need to get him creating more of certain things, like ring orders. ;)) I definitely see Blackpool in your future. Earl Grey tea does rock. But than Jean Luck Picard endorses it…

    Oooh, you need to work on your “meeting David Tennant” manifestation. Nothing against Jeff, mind you, but…

  6. LOL! I arranged for Jeff to meet his teen idol, Rachel Sweet, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have a problem with me meeting David Tennant. 😉

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