Added to the itinerary: “Broadchurch”

I just watched the final episode of Broadchurch on BBC America. Even though Broadchurch is a fictional town, the shooting location is now on the list of “things to see” that BBC America has shown to us because of this:

West Bay Beach and East Cliff (photo from the Daily Mail)

The show was mostly shot in West Bay on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. That’s where these cliffs are. Here is an article from the Daily Mail, telling how the filming of this show has brought in a bunch of tourists:

Olivia Colman and David Tennant
in Broadchurch
(photo from the Mirror Online)

It looks like we’re going to be some of those tourists! We wouldn’t have seen these gorgeous cliffs if not for programming on BBC America.

I watched Broadchurch because it stars David Tennant, who I think is a terrific actor, Arthur Darvill (who was such fun as Rory Williams, Amy Pond’s husband, on Doctor Who) and Olivia Colman. Also in the cast is David Bradley, who was in Blackpool, Doctor Who and the Harry Potter movies.

Ms. Colman was also on an episode of Doctor Who–Matt Smith’s first. If you haven’t seen Broadchurch yet, be prepared for a tour de force performance on her part, especially in the final episode. WOW! That woman is an incredible actress.

Anyway, we may make the Jurassic Coast our first stop, after landing in London and spending a few days there. Then we’re thinking about heading north toward Cardiff, stopping a few places on the way. After finding some ancestral spots in Wales, we’ll buzz up to Liverpool to see the standard Beatles sites, then head up to Scotland for more ancestral spots. We’re saving Blackpool for last.

This itinerary isn’t set in stone, but it’s a start. I’ll be tweaking the details as the plan evolves. Meantime, I’m researching the best travel sites/apps and the best mobile phone service providers for our purposes. I have a lot to do before next summer to make something of this magnitude happen!

Wish me luck.

Here’s you a dog. (This little fella did NOT like me walking past his yard this morning!)


5 responses to “Added to the itinerary: “Broadchurch”

  1. Hello Lisa
    This is a location I’ve visited, but it was long before Broadchurch. The town you see in the series is, in reality, West Bay, though nearby Bridport was probably also used for some scenes. It has been used in several TV series. I’ve walked up that slope onto the top of the cliffs. It was one of the only times I’ve ever heard what I would regard as complete silence. The town of Lyme Regis is not too far away – famous in film terms for being the location for ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’, starring Meryl Streep. I’ve visited there several times.,_Dorset

  2. Another TV series that was filmed there back in 1999. It wasn’t all that well received, and although it isn’t what you could call great, it’s inoffensive enough. It’s a mixture of drama, whimsy and comedy – and the locations are always worth looking at. I have this on DVD, which I had to buy from an Australian website because it hasn’t been released here. This is the series which prompted my visit. It too has changed since then. The police station building you see in Broadchurch hadn’t been built when I was there.

  3. You know I do wish you luck! Only the very best too!

  4. Mike, I love your description of climbing up the slope. I hope I can have a similar experience. Thanks, again, for the links and info. You’ve been a big help with this.

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