Testing my camera–wanna see?

In anticipation of our trip to England & Scotland next summer, which I will be blogging extensively, I took my camera/phone with me on my morning walk today. I am learning a few things: how to take good pictures while walking fast; which site to use for uploading purposes; best way(s) to carry the phone to keep it handy, yet out of the way; and how lightweight my new one will need to be.

For now, I’m using my cheapo cellphone camera because I don’t really need a fancy phone yet. I work out of my house, so I’m always near my tech. Once I’m on the road, however, I’ll definitely need a much higher end phone with a really good camera in it. (I have a good camera, but I’m not taking that for these walks–too heavy and unwieldy.)

Anyway, that will all come in time. I have until next summer to research for the right equipment. Meantime, here are some pictures I took this morning. I don’t promise that they’ll be interesting. This is just an experiment:

October 4 2013 morning walk

14 responses to “Testing my camera–wanna see?

  1. Just as you are manifesting a trip to Jolly Old England that is punctuated by the exclamation mark of Blackpool, your photo essay today was one of a journey of discovery punctuated by the ellipses points of a Jaguar, another beautiful British creation. To be joyously continued, naturally…

  2. Michael Garfield

    Not bad for a ‘cheapo’ cell phone (or ‘mobile phone’ as we call them). Useful, if you need something compact and lightweight. I use a Nikon DSLR myself. Took this when visiting my mother in my home city of Birmingham, England – though I don’t live there any more.

  3. That’s gorgeous! Is that a standalone camera, or built in to your phone?

  4. I’ll be using my “mobile” phone when walking fast but a regular camera when I’m serious about good photos. My phone manages to deal with motion pretty well, for a cheapo.

  5. Michael Garfield

    What I’ve tried to do is stop using the auto settings and use the manual ones instead. Trying to get a sharp focus on the moon was harder than I thought. If it’s off by just a tiny fraction then it’s blurred. Here’s a link to a few more I took (apart from the seascapes, which I took with a compact film camera).

  6. WOW! You got a lot of Perseid meteors! You really are talented with the camera. I’m well and truly impressed.

    I know what you mean about moon pictures. Even if I was able to figure out how to take nighttime shots, you have to be extremely still to get the moon to come out like that. Did you use a tripod, or did you manage to actually hold still?

    • Michael Garfield

      I used a tripod. I picked up a second hand Manfrotto professional tripod on eBay. It’s quite steady too – well it weighs around 13 pounds so it should be! I don’t think it’s something I’ll be taking out with me, it’s just too heavy. The camera is quite good for filming videos too, though I haven’t really tried it out yet.

      Here’s a video I filmed on a camcorder (not high definition unfortunately). It’s of the coastal town of Southwold, located on the east coast in the county of Suffolk (the county in which I now live). I live about 30 miles inland. Look out for Southwold pier. This is where David Morrissey (he of Blackpool fame) and his wife held their wedding ceremony.

  7. What a beautiful video! Hey, would you do me a favor and shoot me an email at lisa@lisabonnice.com? I have some questions I want to ask you about this stuff that I’m not ready to talk about on the public blog page.

    • Michael Garfield

      Okay, Lisa, I’ll do that and answer your questions tomorrow. Off to bed now. If you like quirky then you’ll like the Under The Pier show, to be found on Southwold Pier.

  8. THAT IS BRILLIANT!!!! Southwold wasn’t on the itinerary, but I may have to squeeze it in just to see that in person!

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