By ‘eck, that’s good beer!

As you know, if you’re a follower of my blog, my husband Jeff and I are planning a fun-filled trip to merry ol’ England (and Scotland) next summer so I, in typical anal-retentive fashion, am researching every aspect of it.

You will also know that one of the main reasons I am so obsessed with doing this is because of a mini-series I saw on BBC America, Blackpool (called Viva Blackpool in the States). It starred David Tennant, Sarah Parish and David Morrissey (among many other well known British actors–at least, they’re well known there: I’m learning about them as we go).

The mini-series portrayed the city of Blackpool in such a fascinating way that it lit a fire under me to go visit and find out if it’s really like that. And, while we’re on the other side of the world–no small effort–we might as well see the rest of the island.

Anyway, as part of my obse … I mean … research, I was reading the imdb page for Sarah Parish, and saw this:

Although Sarah was born and brought up in Yeovil in Somerset, an appearance in a cult advert for Manchester-based Boddingtons Bitter in 1994 (as Vera, who likes nothing better than “a good rub down with chip fat”) led to a series of roles as northern women (Dawn Rudge in “Peak Practice” (1993), Allie Henshall in “Cutting It” (2002) and Natalie Holden in “Blackpool” (2004)), causing many people to believe that she is a native of the north-west.

Well, you better believe I went out of my way to see what the heck that means.  Wouldn’t you love that on your headstone?

Here lies Vera.
She loved a good rub
down with chip fat.

Anyway, that’s how I found this:

And then, of course, I had to watch all of their ads. They’ve got a great sense of humor, and I learned a little bit about some local assumptions, i.e. the residents of the Manchester area considered to be “cheap and cheerful”, so the ads are a spoof of that. Please note that the Sarah Parish ad ends with a shot of the Blackpool Tower.  😉

boddingtons etc 137Next thing you know, I’m sending Jeff to the store to see if they sell Boddington’s. It turns out that they do! So, today, October 10, 2013, Jeff and I both tasted our very first sips of The Cream of Manchester. I gotta tell ya, I’m not much of a beer drinker, but by ‘eck, that’s gorgeous! Looks like I already know what I’ll be ordering in the pubs.


Jeff posted this photo on his facebook page, saying:
“My wife has been obsessed with everything English these days. Today she suggested we try something called Boddingtons Ale. Each can comes with a small explosive device designed to shoot the beer out of the can, like dropping Mentos into Diet Coke. Allow me to reiterate: It’s designed that way. This was just what I could get into the glass. The rest is on the wall, and the ceiling, Lisa’s hair…”

And I’m not obsessed. That’s just how I get things done. I focus and focus and focus and focus and don’t think of anything else until I get my way.

Nope. Not obsessed at all.


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