How I reached my goal weight

I don’t talk about weight loss much here on my blog, even though I wrote a book on the topic many years ago. I don’t want to obsess over my weight, so I keep my own journey out of the public eye (plus, no one cares about it but me). I only talk about it in my online Shape Shifting group. But today I reached my goal weight and I want to crow about it a little.

When I was writing Shape Shifting (the body/mind/spirit weight solution), I lost 50 pounds. I got it published, with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch, and followed it up with the Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary (a law of attraction based weight loss–or other goal–journal). Then I moved on to other things.

During the years that followed, I wrote a couple more books and yo-yo’d up and down with the same ten pounds. I allowed myself that much leeway–as long as my clothes fit and I didn’t have to buy new ones just because of a few pounds, I was fine with that.

Then my parents both ended up with cancer, and my dad died. My mom is now in remission. It was a really tough few years, and I gained some weight back. Not all of it, thank goodness, but enough to have to buy new clothes.

Last spring, I decided I had to do something. I felt physically unwell and had to start buying an even larger size. So I started out with the UltraSimple Diet to clean up my eating habits. I’m now eating mostly organic (if I can’t find organic, I limit myself to natural and minimally processed foods, and keep sugar to a bare minimum).

I use the SparkPeople site to track my food intake and interact with others on the same path. I use my own Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary and post daily in the online group. I’ve become an avid walker, thanks to–a site that helps you to make perfect playlists–and I track my exercise with a Fitbit.

This time last year, I felt sick all the time. I had panic attacks regularly and was too dizzy from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) to exercise. In fact, exercise could make me so sick that I’d end up in bed for days.

Today, I’m 34 pounds lighter than I was in April (15 pounds less than my initial 50 pound loss, so I’ve lost 65 total, from my highest weight). I feel so much better. I don’t remember the last time I had to take a Xanax for anxiety. I’m only rarely dizzy. I go for five-mile walks several times a week–and I enjoy it. This is HUGE. I, seriously, have not been able to exercise for many years.

My journey from 215 to 150.

My journey from 215 to 150.

I’m done “dieting” now, and won’t be deliberately trying to lose any more weight. If I never lost another pound, I’d be okay with that. But I will continue to strive toward my healthiest self, and stay within a nutritious calorie range. I wouldn’t be surprised to lose another 20, if that’s what my body needs to weigh. But deliberate weight loss is no longer my focus. Now I’m going to just concentrate on enjoying an increasingly healthy life. And that feels awesome!


6 responses to “How I reached my goal weight

  1. WOW! You have been an inspiration in my life since we met, and now here you are again being amazing. Thank you for that.

  2. This is totally awesome, Lisa! A great attitude, great practices, great results! You look great and I’ll bet you feel great, too.

  3. Thanks, everyone! It feels really good to finally have this figured out.

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