Looking for experts: travel itinerary budgeting

From The Blackpool Tower's facebook page.

From The Blackpool Tower’s facebook page.

As you may know, I’m planning an extensive “Bucket List” trip to Great Britain for next summer, to take a photo of the sunset over the Irish Sea from the top of the Blackpool Tower. (You can read about that, and further blogs on the topic, here.) I’m at the let’s-make-a-budget stage, and I could sure use some advice from experts!

According to the research I’ve done, an allowance of $100 per day, per person, is typical. That would include gas/food/lodging. Is that realistic, considering we’ll be traveling all around the island for three months? Some places are bound to be more expensive than others, but we also intend to do some couchsurfing and staying in a hostel here and there, cooking our own meals.

Our plan is to go from June 1 through August 31. That’s a total of about $22K. I’d like to shave that down a bit. Any suggestions or feedback from experts is much appreciated!

Follow my progress on GiveIt100.com!

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