Why you should use GiveIt100.com to accomplish your goals (an unsolicited review)

I started using the goal-tracking website GiveIt100.com on December 1, and already–just four short weeks later–I am a changed person. Let me tell you how that happened.

Goal achievement doesn’t come easily to me. I tend to procrastinate and will do just about anything to avoid rejection. To that end, I’ve designed a system that works for me. I call it Shape Shifting, and I use it create the life of my desires (see my blog “How I reached my Goal Weight” for more info).

Recently, I created a pretty challenging goal for myself: to take a three-month trip to Great Britain next summer. That is a challenge for many reasons but, mostly, it’s the expense that’s stopping me. I’ve been using my Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary, and have made tremendous progress, but I got stuck and I needed something outside of my own toolbox.

Ask and the Universe delivers.

My friend Curtis told me about a website that he had stumbled upon, founded by Karen Cheng–the woman whose time-lapse video Girl Learns to Dance in a Year had gone viral.

In response to numerous questions about how she did it, she and her partner, Finbarr Taylor, created a site called GiveIt100.com where users are asked to upload a 10-second video every day for 100 days showing their progress toward a goal. I decided to give it a try and launched my project: I’m planning a trip abroad with “creative financing”, for 100 days.

Give It 100 offers exactly what I was looking for. It’s the missing link between my own method/comfort zone and accomplishing a goal that feels very far away.

Because I have agreed to post a video, every day for 100 days, I have to demonstrate progress every day. While Give It 100 shares progress-tracking with Shape Shifting, there are a couple differences:

  1. Give It 100 shares your progress  publicly, so there is a stronger accountability factor (Shape Shifting groups are a little more private).
  2. Going to the trouble of creating a video forces you to make an effort toward progress, because you have to have something to talk about. It’s hard to take a day off.
  3. It’s deliberate focus on one single goal. With Shape Shifting, I’m working on (and succeeding with) several goals at once. But this goal is so big that it requires laser-like focus.

Another thing I like about Karen’s site and her attitude is that it gives users permission to fail, make mistakes and look stupid. That’s half the battle, when working toward an “impossible dream.” It’s hard to publicly declare a goal and then admit you don’t have a clue how to accomplish it. This site demonstrates the understanding that practice makes perfect, and no one is a born expert at everything.

So many of us don’t even start toward that dream because we cannot conceive of how to accomplish it–it’s too doggone big. I like Give It 100‘s baby-steps approach. Since I started, I have had breakthrough after breakthrough simply because I knew I had to show them I was doing something … anything … to move forward.

I’m only 28 days in, and already I have pushed myself through the kinds of barriers that I might have otherwise allowed myself to procrastinate my way out of. Without the accountability and forgiving encouragement of Give It 100, I may have eventually stopped trying and the whole thing may have become a forgotten dream, one of those things I would remember wanting to do but never getting around to.

No, I still don’t have the money to pay for this trip. But I now have a lot of good ideas, some great leads and new contacts that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another 72 days!

Follow my progress on GiveIt100.com!


One response to “Why you should use GiveIt100.com to accomplish your goals (an unsolicited review)

  1. Go YOU!!! I’m looking forward to the reports from Blackpool!

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