Shape Shifting is back!

btr player buttonAs promised in recent blogs, after an extremely long hiatus, I finally brought back my BlogTalkRadio show today, with a whole new version of the show. If you were a listener, back in the old days, you’ll recall that I used to feature some pretty cool guests, all of whom were booked to share their expertise in this whole “create your own reality” thing that we’re trying to figure out.

The shows and guests were great, and I really enjoyed doing them, but they gradually drifted away from the topic of Shape Shifting–which I define as the conscious, deliberate release of old thought patterns, to create healthy changes in your body. This usually results in weight balancing–loss or gain–depending on your body’s needs.

But, at the time, when I was doing the old show, no one else knew enough about Shape Shifting to talk about it with me, so I stopped doing the show and moved on to other things.

Well, in December 2012, I started up a Shape Shifting group on Facebook—mostly because I needed it, just like I wrote Shape Shifting to begin with, mostly because I needed it. I had started smoking again, I had gained some weight when my parents both ended up with cancer and my dad even died. I sort of stopped taking care of myself because I just didn’t have time or, quite frankly, the interest.

But once life settled back down again, I realized that if I didn’t start taking better care of my body, I was going to end up sick, too. I’ve already written, in recent blogs, about the big changes I’ve made, so I won’t go into that again.

This time, on the show, I’ll be joined by other Shape Shifters—people who have been in the group with me and who have used the same format to create changes in their own lives. We’ll be demonstrating how to run an in-person Shape Shifters group and how to use the Diary format. We’ll be talking about our own journeys, complete with triumphs, makeovers, challenges and intentions-for-positive-change … and our hope is, in that sharing, that you’ll become excited about your own Shape Shifting journey, and join us regularly.

Even better, you can join the new Facebook group that has been created specifically to go with this show. You can interact with me and each other, and really start digging into whatever it is that’s keeping you from doing this for yourself. It’s my hope that, this time next year, you’ll be able to say Shape Shifting has changed your life.

Now let me say, upfront, that I’m not trying to sell you anything, but I strongly recommend that you read my book, Shape Shifting. It’s going to help you so much in understanding what we’re talking about. Notice that I didn’t say “buy” my book, I said read it. While I’d love it if you’d buy a copy—because, after all, I have to make a living, too—if you can’t afford it, I offer free downloads of the .pdf version. Just so you know, Shape Shifting never has to cost you a dime, except for the money you spend on yourself when buying healthier foods, or fitness equipment, or whatever it is that you need to do. If you want to read the book, visit my website at and you’ll find it there.

Meantime, be sure to listen to today’s show (it’s been archived and is also available on iTunes) and tune in every week to learn how to Shift your Thoughts to Shift your Shape!



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