Money and Weight Loss: Are they connected?

For me, the answer is yes. Or, at least, it was. Last year I wrote a blog called “Does lack of money keep you fat?” because I was having a difficult time rationalizing spending extra money on the kinds of foods I felt that I needed, in order to get healthy and lose weight.

After all, we had one food budget for two people. To buy completely different foods for just me would mean over-extending the budget. And to ask my husband to change to the way I want to eat didn’t seem fair.

Never mind that his assuming that I should eat what he wants is equally unfair, but possession is 9/10ths of the law, right? His way of eating had possessed our kitchen for over twenty years, so it felt unreasonable of me to expect him to change just because what works for him doesn’t work for me. So I suffered in relative silence and got fatter and fatter.

My journey from 215 to 150.

My journey from 215 – 150.

Finally, after posting that blog, I did something about it. I pretty much just insisted and, to my surprise, he didn’t put up as much of a fight as I expected. And we’ve discovered that my eating my way and his eating his way really doesn’t cost much different, once we settled into a shopping and cooking routine. Now I’m 35 pounds lighter and he didn’t have to give up eating garbage.

I’ll be talking about this tomorrow on my radio show. Listen in, won’t you?

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2 responses to “Money and Weight Loss: Are they connected?

  1. Hello Lisa

    I think I can answer some of those questions featured on the ‘Blackpool Calling’ page.

    Q. Does every town has a castle nearby?
    A. No.
    How many Doctor Who museums are there?
    A. This link might help:
    (the one in Blackpool closed in 2009)
    What exactly is a Jammie Dodger?

    Is Blackpool really like Las Vegas?
    Only in the fact that it has amusement arcades, slot machines – but no, not really.
    Q. Which town has the best fish ‘n’ chips?
    A. Many towns claim the title. Impossible to tell.
    Q. How on earth is the Welsh language pronounced?
    A. Being an Englishman I can’t really answer this, though I do know that the Welsh language varies from north to south.
    Q. And, doesn’t it feel wrong to drive on that side of the road?
    A. We drive on the correct side of the road so we wouldn’t know. 😉

  2. SPOILERS!!!!
    (plugging ears and singing loudly)

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