Review: Skechers Memory Foam walking shoes

NOTE: Please read the comments below this blog before using this review to make decisions on your purchase. Turns out these shoes are hit and miss. If they fit, they feel like God is tickling your tootsies and you’ll float like a dream. Or, you could end up with a pair that feels like your foot is stuck in a bear trap. This review was written after I bought my first pair, and before I bought the second–same size and style–which hurt like crazy.

The original blog post, published in 2014:

One word: YES!!!

You may recall that I recently posted a blog, looking for experts on walking shoes. I’m relatively new to this form of exercise (I’ve been walking since last summer) so when I started looking for a pair of good quality shoes, I needed help. I didn’t know what to look for.

After a lot of consideration and shopping around, I finally settled on a pair of Skechers Sport Active shoes with memory foam, style #11798.

The price was in my range–I’m not a fan of paying high dollar for shoes (I know I just lost some of you, but I prefer to be barefoot on a beach). Comparatively, this is a low priced walking shoe.

I wore them for a test spin this morning. I power walked almost four miles over pavement, dirt road, grass and gravel, uphill and down. About a third of the way into my walk, where my old shoes would have started pinching and the ball of my left foot would have begun to hurt, I felt no discomfort at all. In fact, these shoes are pretty doggone comfy.

I made it all the way home and up a flight of stairs before taking them off and discovered, once I sat down, that I didn’t want to take them off. I’m a barefoot kind of person, but they felt really good.

My concern was that the memory foam wouldn’t spring back. I assumed that, after wearing them a while, the foam would become compacted, as regular soles eventually do. (I have no experience with memory foam, so I don’t know what to expect.) But for now, for today, it popped right back into shape.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if they stand the test of time. If you don’t hear from me, it’s a safe bet that they’re still doing the job.



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  1. Hey Lisa, I’m glad you liked the ones you picked! No walking shoes expert can tell you the perfect shoe for you without trying them on for yourself! I’m also interested to know how the memory foam sole lasts over time.

  2. Hi, I just started a blog that reviews walking shoes, just click on my name. One thing is you should alternate pairs of walking shoes, because shoes will need to “spring back” and it will be better for your feet to always have “fresh” shoes. So you need two pairs, they don’t have to be the same. Also, figure out what type of arches you have–Google “arches wet test.”

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  4. Hi Lisa, I’ve actually been interested in buying one of Skechers’ memory foam sneakers but I was also concerned about how they would hold up over time. They felt great when I tried them on and the memory foam insoles always springs back quickly whenever I compressed them. And thanks for adding the follow-up, it’s good to hear that it’s still performing well after you’ve worn them several times!

  5. The memory foam is still good as new, today. I’m very happy with these shoes.

  6. Michelle hill

    I’m looking for a comfy pair of shoes for my mom, who has recently been having hip issues, would you recommend these?

  7. I can’t speak for your mom’s specific hip issues, of course, but I will certainly speak highly about the comfiness of the shoes. When I’m wearing them, I don’t have to adjust my stride just to keep my feet from hurting, so I don’t feel much hip pain.

    I hope that helps!

  8. I’ve had these shoes for 2 months. As I have had foot problems for a long time, these seemed to be the answer. However, after these 2 months, the memory foam has gone flat in the heals. So disappointed!

  9. I’ve had my memory foam trainers for about 3 months now. They only get used for social, domestic and pleasure and never worn in anger(so to speak) At first they were really good and sooo comfy . Sadly the inserts have now gone flat and the fight one is trying to work its way out the back of my shoe . I sure hopr that they are available to buy seperately coz they don’t stand the test of time.

  10. Mine are still in good shape, but I had to take the summer off from walking so they haven’t been used much, aside from everyday wear. We’ll see how much longer they last, once I get back out there pounding the pavement.

  11. Hi, I e-mailed Skechers about the insoles failing to stand the test of time . As expected the problem could not be as a result of their product living up to the hype they created . Apologized for my inconvenience and that’s about it really. Suffice to say I probably won’t be buying their products again.

  12. This is something new to me. I’ve heard of memory foam on pillows and bed but now on shoes. I own a pair of Skechers shape ups and works perfect for me. Will give this a try and see how it goes. Nice review!

  13. I’m dubious. I wore a men’s version walking in only two stores while shopping and although it felt great, my feet wore out. Just like walking on beach sand. You know when you hurry down to the wet area because it exhausts the feet to walk on soft dry sand. While the soreness is not typical, all the muscles in the pad of my feet hurt. Muscles that I did not know existed are quite sore now. Not injury sore, but painful overworked sore. I suppose I’ll have stronger, thicker feet. First impression.

  14. All of the mixed reviews are interesting. I’m still wearing my first pair and, while the memory foam isn’t as springy as it once was, they are still extremely comfortable shoes. I’ll probably be buying a new pair soon.

  15. Have a similar pair of Fila shoes with memory foam. Great at first, foam is essentially flat and useless after only a couple of months. Not sure it’s a great solution for long-term use, or it might just be cheap memory foam used.

  16. Hello Lisa! I am searching for a pair of shoes that will relieve back pain….I tried the sketchers on, but needed a different size. I see that you have had your shoes several months it looks like, just wondering if you are still satisfied?

    • i too was suffering with back pain due to wearing vans for about 6 years. these shoes do help out a lot. i recommend them. ive had the relaxed fit for about 3 mobths now. so far, so good. not to mention i love yhe casual look of them as opposed to lime green ot yellow running shoes.

  17. Fred, the memory foam on the Skechers is just now beginning to get a little flat, and I’ve had the shoes for just over a year.

    Lisa, I am indeed still very satisfied! I’m about to go shopping for a new pair, but after a year of pretty heavy wear, I’m giving them a thumbs up.

  18. I sure loved the feel of these Skech-Knit running shoes when they were new but for someone who runs a minimum of 22 miles a week the foam went completely flat on me in 2 months. The shoes look brand new but are no longer useful Totally sad! No factory option to replace the insole.
    Height: 6’3″
    Weight: 215
    I will not purchase them again.

  19. After wearing memory foam cushioned Skechers for only two times I have experienced sheer pain in a toe of my left foot. the foam pushed my toe into a bad position and I have had to go to a podiatrist for help. I now cannot wear anything except tie up support shoes. I am thinking that I need to go to a chiropractor because the foot doctor has not helped enough. I also found another women who got strange blisters on her feet and had to stop wearing hers also. When I returned them, the cashier said no one has complained about them. I will not purchase them again.

    • I also had purchased a pair of these shoes. I have NEVER had problems with my feet until I wore these. I have a spot on the bottom of my left foot like a callous/blister at the base of my pinkie toe. I quit wearing them and still have that spot. I am now going to have to go to a podiatrist to see what is going on. I do not recommend these shoes for anyone that is going to be working on their feet for any time at all. Maybe “recreation” use would be okay…but I still won’t be willing to try that either. I think that the foam holds moisture and that isn’t good for anybody’s feet.

      • James I Daniels

        Exactly the same problem. Worked on my feet for eight hours a day (in boots) and never had a problem until I started wearing the Sketcher Memory Foam on my days off. Same callous same place.

  20. Just bought mine for work in a hospital. Less than 2 months later a chunk of the insole is gone. Just ripped out I guess. They feel comfortable, but do not really stand the test of 12 hours on my feet. I’m going to rake them back to dsw and see if they will let me exchange them for something else.

  21. beaware! if you buy skechers and they hurt your feet TO BAD they will not take them back or replace them.

  22. has anyone experienced ankle pain after wearing them for a few months?

    • Yes!!! Ankle pain with these… I switch shoes to a flip flop and pain goes away almost instantly didn’t realize it was the shoe until today.

  23. I have severe pain in the ball of my left foot, after wearing my new sketchers twice, I’m very dissapointed, I bought the expensive walking trainers for my holidays, and now my foot is so sore and im in flip flops, I live in Ireland, its too cold for flip flops, even in summer.

  24. Here is a follow-up to the original blog/review. My first pair was wonderful. I loved them, and they lasted a long time. A couple months ago I replaced them with exactly the same model and size, and they hurt my feet terribly. I’m in agony if I wear them for too long. They pinch my toes and my ankles hurt because I have to be careful about how I walk in them. There is, of course, no return on used shoes.

    I don’t know what to make of this. I really did love the first pair. I don’t understand why the second pair, which is identical, hurt so much. Unfortunately, they’re so expensive that I have to wait until I can afford a new pair of tennies. I, too, am in flip flops. Fortunately, it’s summer in Arizona and the temps are over 100 every day, so it’s not too cold for them.

  25. So good to find this blog. I purchased a pair 2 months ago and wore them practically every day. My feet started hurting, I went to a podiatrist who suggested Morton’s neuroma in my right foot.I have been in physical therapy for 6 weeks, seen podiatrist twice, taking pain meds, thinking about possibly surgery … This is a very painful condition. It finally dawned on me that it might be the shoes. I stopped wearing them, pain is almost gone after a week of better shoes! Maybe it was the memory foam squeezing my toes together. I thought they were comfortable when I was wearing them … They are going into the trash!

  26. Thanks for a great personal experience about Skechers Memory Foam walking shoes. I was looking an affordable priced walking shoe for my daily workout time. This is really time to purchase this shoe because it seems a good choice for me. Can you share the price of the shoe so that I can compare the prices?

  27. Skechers Memory Foam walking shoes are very comfortable and well cushioned. Thanks for sharing the informative review. I had heard it from one of my friends. Are they good for walking for 4/5 hours per day?

    • My first pair was perfect for a shift at work in a retail shop. The second pair, the ones that didn’t fit right, hurt terribly. So make very sure that they feel good in the store. I assumed, because they were the exact same size and style, the second pair would stretch to fit better, but they never did.

  28. I just bought some Skechers memory foam synergie trainers for walking
    And they make my legs and heels hurt. Doubt they will give me money back or exchange .I have never bought these before.

    • When I first began wearing them, they sort of hurt, just because I’d never worn memory foam shoes before and it took a short while to get used to it. However, if that doesn’t resolve itself quickly, you might want to see about taking them back. Mine had a 30 day guarantee, but that was from the store itself. Check out your store’s policy.

  29. They were great but at two months they were flat. Both of them I wear them only at work 12 hours at a time in hospital setting, on my feet almost the entire time. I’m still wearing them debating on giving them another try…so disappointed.

  30. It seems to me that shoes with memory foam will compact after each step and won’t “bounce back” before my next step. Wouldn’t it be better to have a foam that was just the opposite of memory foam and “push back” on your feet after each step?

  31. I’m now on second pair of expensive walking trainers plus help from podiatrist and still ball of foot pain stops me walking any distance. My old sketchers are well worn but still the most comfortable. So just ordered new pair for my moonwalk in June 2016.

  32. This was an excellent review, Sketchers always provide the best shoes in terms of comfort and style. I myself am looking to get into walking sometime soon and need a good pair of shoes to provide the support needed.

  33. I got a pair this winter. I had just retired, so I am wearing sneakers daily, as opposed to dress flats. They are very comfortable, but I noticed that my feet really hurt when I get up in the morning. Both of them, across the bottom of the feet feel sore, or lame. They are better once I walk a bit. Then it dawned on me the only thing that changed was my footwear. So I will put them away for a while to see if it gets better. I have never had foot issues before, and this is my first pair with memory foam.

  34. Hi all, I bought the memory foam shoes also and for the first couple of months they were fantastic, but the foam has gone very flat and fast. Sadly I have developed feet problems and now have developed Plantar-Fasciitis. The pain I am experiencing in my heels is shocking and never did I dream it would be from the shoes. My doctor told me tonight she has heard of many people wearing “memory foam” shoes experiencing this problem due to the foam wearing and one starts to walk differently to compensate. I cannot tell you the pain I have now in my feet. Wish I’d never bought them.

  35. These most recent comments are very distressing. It seems that these shoes work wonders for some and cause major problems for others. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to figure out which way they will affect an individual.

    My first pair of Skechers, the ones I wrote this review about, are still going strong. I did replace them because they look kind of beat up, but they’re still comfortable.

    The replacement pair, which are the exact size and style as the first, hurt my feet so badly that I cannot wear them. They feel like they’re a size too small, even though, as I said, they are the exact same size as my first pair. I can’t wear them.

    I just got another pair, a half size larger and a different style. I haven’t worn them enough yet to know how they’re going to work for me, but once I have done so I’ll post an update here.

  36. I did a search of memory foam causing foot pain and found your blog. I bought a pair of Sketchers with memory foam recently. They felt amazing in the store and I had high hopes for them. They always feel great when I first put them on, but after wearing them casually all day a few times I get the same result– aching, painful, bruised feeling feet at the end of the day. None of my other shoes, including dress shoes make my feet feel like this. I am wondering why this would happen. Now I cannot return them so I am bummed out. I thought these shoes seemed perfect b/c they are made of this stretchy jersey like material with less seams so they do not give my baby toe blisters like other sneakers can. The top part of the shoe does seem perfect for my feet in fact, but I cannot tolerate the memory foam for some reason. I am not sure if I would adapt over time, but I have never felt this kind of sore, aching feet bottoms. I think I need more support in the areas of my feet that are compressing the foam???

  37. The first time I wore mine, I noticed a similar feeling as my feet pressed into the memory foam, a sort of achy, “this isn’t right” feeling. But because I had already left the house and didn’t have a choice, I left them on. Once the shoes adapted to the shape of my feet, they felt great.

    Your mileage may vary, but that uncomfortable feeling did eventually pass for me. I love the shoes, as long as I find a pair that is the right size. They seem to run small now. When I bought a new pair, none of my normal size fit so I had to buy a whole size larger.

  38. Georgia Petrou Evripidou

    Ηello to all of you!
    thank you for being so instructive!
    I tried today in a shoe store sketchers with memory foam and felt really good,but I am confused after your reviews…
    My daughter bought Adidas Boost for walking and running last November and she is really happy with them and still comfortable!
    Any other suggestions???

    • My daughter loves Asics, but she went shopping with me recently and I showed her the Skecher memory foam shoes. She bought a couple pairs and loves them. So, if you’re looking for another brand to try, give Asics a shot. Or, if you’re going to try the Skechers, make sure that the store has a good return policy just in case you find that they hurt your feet later.

      • Georgia Petrou Evripidou

        Thank you for your quick reply!
        my current gym shoes are Asics 10 and I am not sattisfied…they are hard for me as I have a big curve in my heels.Also a friend of mine had asics 10 and after six months had to buy new shoes as they were hard also for her!

  39. I bought the memory foam walking shoes. I walked around the store to make sure they were comfortable. Once I started walking in them ( usually between 4-6 miles), I could barely walk the next day. The side of my right foot was so sore, I was in tears. I thought I might be walking “wrong”, so I tried to alter my gait. Nothing helped. I can’t even wear them to the grocery store, leaning on a cart. I got a pair of Reebocks and the pain went away. It really scared me.

    • Gosh seems like a lot of us are suffering with these. I too loved them in the store and I’ll admit I was very thankful for them whilst on holidays but each morning getting out of bed the pain was terrible. Like I said, I know have Plantar Facilitis from them which is going to take a very long time and physio to recover from. I do believe if you wore them for short periods it would be fine or in the house but they have no support what so ever for anything more. The price they cost I wish I had invested in some decent runners instead. I like Shelley bought some good runners and at least I can put my foot down without the terrible pain I was having prior but sadly it’s pain every day from the damage the memory foam caused.

  40. i bought those go walks and my arches are very sore never again

  41. I am beginning to think my heel soreness is from the memory foam in the sketchers shoes also the sketchers sandals. When I wear my new balance it seems to subside after a few days. I have many pairs of sketchers and try to rotate on a daily basis. I had been to a podiatrist a year ago for my left foot and now a year later my right foot is painful. At that time I had begun to wear sketchers with memory foam. It is so painful to walk. I think the foam compresses and does not offer enough support.

  42. that’s interesting….i bought a pair of sketchers air walk and i love them. i wear them often, for my zumba, zumba step, did my 2.5 miles of walking and jogging, and even stairs at the hospital…and i have a bounce in every step…it feels like i can’t wait to take the next step they are so comfy…i was just wondering, and not to offend, but what is the average height and weight of the above bloggers? i would think that weight and height might be an issue for the memory foam…what says you?? i am 5’4 and 170 pds and i have had mine for 2 months…

    • I am 5 1/2 in and weigh 123#. Mine felt great at first. Then my feet started hurting. Esp when I get up in the morning.

  43. I bought 2 pairs of Fila’s with the memory foam at different times, and in both of them the memory foam went flat after a month or two. I bought the second pair thinking maybe it was a manufacturing defect or something and gave it another shot with the same result. Now mind you I wore them a lot, maybe some people don’t wear them all day so they last longer? But at any rate, I switched back to Nike and Adidas running shoes which seem to last forever. I’m actually still occasionally wearing a 7 year old pair that have been through mud races, white water rafting, and hiking, (and the washing machine, lol) and they still feel like clouds when I put them on. They were pricier but I’ll pay it if I get a couple years out of them instead of months, and it’s worth it when I walk a lot of the day at work, and 2-3 miles after work with the dog.

  44. I found that after a bit of use my memory foam Skechers feel loose, and i just can’t feel comfortable in them anymore. There are a few pairs of D’lites (my favorite style) that are available on their website without memory foam – which of course means you pay full price for them. It is a shame, because they have new styles of D’Lites, but they all have memory foam. I am going to buy inserts for the ones i have now and see if that makes a difference. I wear sneakers just about every day, but haven’t had these long enough to say I need a new pair of sneakers. It is very frustrating. I have also tried a few other Skechers styles with memory foam, and have experienced the pain that others refer to after wearing them for a few hours. I could always count on my Skechers before the memory foam craze started.

  45. I purchased a pair of Skecher All Terrain memory foam shoes for walking, after 3 months the memory foam has collapsed at the heal the rest of the shoe looks good after 730 miles the memory foam is shot. I have contacted Skecher and am awaiting a reply.

  46. I found your site because I was researching why my feet were hurting so bad in my relatively new shoes. I bought a pair of Sketchers with memory foam about a month ago for work, and they are already starting to wear through the foam under the ball of my foot and cause a large blister. The foam in the heel is also totally flat. They felt great at the store, but I can hardly make it through a shift now.

    I used to wear Converse daily (they have very little padding), and I never had pain. I only made the switch because I needed a shoe that looked a little less casual.

  47. I purchased the Skechers with memory foam and started walking on a treadmill to get in shape after a surgery. My heels of both my feet are in a lot of pain because the foam flattend out. I never had feet problems in my life. this has been going on now for three months. I have waited to see if problem would go away and now have an appointment with a foot doctor. Hope this can be fixed as I am in pain daily from it. They are nice at first but beware of the issues later.

    • Tried some in store. Felt good at first. Luckily had to wait for my wife and had some time to stand and walk. The pain started coming on. I figured out why. I carry more weight on my heels so the foam was pushing up on the front on my foot. And there is no foam at all under the toes so they are “dangling” when standing flat, then you “fall” onto your toes as you walk.

      I was so happy to take them off. Immediate relief. Even then, my feet took a while to completely relax. Can’t imagine the damage that these shoes can cause after days and weeks.

      Memory foam does not belong in shoes any more than gel. Shoe insoles should be made of a supportive, rebounding material that has good lateral stability. Mem foam doesn’t rebound, and gel has no lateral stability.

      You think Skechers would have learned after all the shape up lawsuits. I guess not as they are shifting their whole product line to these painful insoles.

      I’ve been wearing a certain Skechers model for 5+ years. Recently they discontinued as they are pushing memory foam in everything. I tried to pull the insoles out of these new shoes. They are glued in. I would happily take them out and put in standard insoles because Skechers are always reliable. Bye bye Skechers. 😦

  48. I bought a pair of Skechers a few weeks ago because the daughter of one of my best friends said they were the most comfortable shoes that she’s ever had. I ‘m afraid that I cannot agree! While they soft and felt comfortable enough in the shop, walking any distance was another thing. I thought the problem might have been my inlays so I tried them without: big mistake! Walked for over an hour one evening and woke up the next morning lying parallel with the bedhead and found that my knees were killing me! On trying to get out of bed I found I could only hobble around! I grit my teeth put on my old shoes and walked very slowly to the gym. After walking for twety minutes in my old shoes my knees and feet loosened up again and I could walk normally again. Have not worn the Skechers since. I regret ever having set foot in them! Such a waste of money on another pair of shoes that promised so much and gave me only pain!

    • I have jst got back from hospital after being in terrible pain with my ankles, calves and knees, I was tested for dvt which luckily it wasn’t. The only thing that I can think of that it is my lovely grey and lime green memory foam sketchers I purchased a couple of months ago. They feel so comfortable when I wear them and I have no pain walking in them but the next day I have pain in my ankles, calves and knees. My calves are really tight and I can barely put my heals down to the floor. I am so gutted as they look very trendy and feel like slippers but they are causing terrible pain in my legs after I wear them. Don’t think I will be wearing them again because the pain is unbearable, I am taking ibuprofen and paracetamol to ease the pain. Hope they haven’t caused any long term damage.

  49. I bought 3 different styles of Sketchers with memory foam, and with each, the memory foam came out the first time I wore them. Definitely not worth it! Took them back.

  50. If you wash them ,maybe once every four months ,it removes the salts of the sweat and the momory foam springs back to life!

  51. Why doesn’t the memory foam go all the way to the end of the shoe inside ? Second pair like this.. A gap at the end

  52. It seems all the popular brands are using memory foam,and the consumer is suffering big time ,I have had horrible foot pain from this and it doesn’t go away over night shoe designers wake up ,your customers are in pain

  53. I got some Skechers and I’m finding my feet are aching when I wear them can you tell why I got the walking pair

  54. I just got my first pair, and they are really, really, comfortable!!! They look sharp and fit perfectly!!! There better than my $65 Nike air monarch’s and these sketchers were only $50!!! I still like Nike shoes and clothing, but these sketchers are in a class by themselves in the $50+ range for shoes!!!!

    • Why did you reply twice with different comments? And the price is not the issue. It’s that for some people, the memory foam is causing injury. Note that many people said they felt comfortable until they started having foot pain, especially when NOT wearing them. Two hours ago – well, that is not enough time to give a review of any kind really other than on what they look like.

  55. I just purchased my first pair 2 hours ago, and I’m extremely satisfied with the look and feel of these sketchers!!! Only cost me $50 but I would glady have paid $100!!! I’m telling all my associates and Friends that these sketchers are the real deal!!! My flat feet are not hurting right now.

  56. I am a long time Sketcher wearer and I am very disappointed with my Sketcher Walking shoes with memory foam insoles and how they make my feet feel. The memory foam insoles on the left shoe make the ball of my foot burn like it is blood deprived or something. The right shoe affects my toes the same way, makes my toes of my foot burn. I take off my Sketchers and it’s instant relief. I am not willing to purchase another pair of Sketchers or any shoe with memory foam insoles.


  58. I used to wear Skechers Bikers Hot Ticket, which don’t have memory foam. Almost like a minimalist shoe they had very little heel about 1 cm. I love them and wore them daily, almost never wore another shoe, I used them for over a year each, the latest pair nearly two. I wear them for walking, too, 4-6 miles a day. The soles wear a little quickly and now I am a hazard on shiny floors and in the wet. I still wear them for comfort (not style as they are dirty now)
    I went to get another pair (2 pairs actually) and they are diwalk and scontinued so I bought the shops recommended nearest pair. These have memory foam and, unfortunately, the heel is very much higher with memory foam. The memory foam springs as you walk and within 15 mins I had a sore patch on my heel near the achilles. Note the shoes are fitted by a reputable shop and the right size for my feet. The raising of the hee makes my achilles hurt when I go barefoot and, like others have reported here, the memory foam make the whole sole of my feet sore. I went to London yesterday and did about four miles walking. My feet are killing me. I got the same poor response from Skechers. Warning – they now make fashion shoes just ike everyone else – forget any hype or claims they make. What a waste of £100+.

  59. I thought I’d chime in again, after so many more comments both pro and con.

    I’m still wearing my first pair. I have two newer pairs in my closet collecting dust because they hurt my feet so badly. I feel burned by spending so much on two pairs that I can’t wear, and baffled that the first pair — which, at this point, are now three years old — are still going strong.

    I guess I’ll be wearing my original pair until they finally fall apart, because I’m so reluctant to spend the dough on a new pair of any brand, given how hit or miss it can be, and how important it is to find the right pair.

  60. I had been wearing Skechers (Go Walk) off and on for almost 3 yrs and owned two pair. These shoes never wore out on the outside, but the foam did go flat. Both started out great and felt great, but now I have serious heel pain, very bad in mornings when getting out of bed, but also just walking throughout the day. I just switched 3 weeks ago to Asics, and pain is much better. I do think that once your feet conform to the memory foam, then the foam wears down, it totally changes the way your feet pronate and the way you walk. It is almost as if you have to learn how to properly walk in other shoes, or even barefoot all over again without causing more pain. Here’s a great article I read on them.( Wish I had read this beforehand. So far so good with the Asics.

  61. I have Skechers and I always get a whole size larger.

  62. hi i am a tad heavy for , i have plantar fasciitis and so far sketchers are all i can wear as the other kinds are no good for cushioning my knees as i walk,

  63. Mine have compacted after a month so I don’t think the memory foam lasts at all.

  64. They make my feet sweat and rub the heel after a while

  65. Audrey Weislogel

    I have a wide foot and have issues with pain in the ball of my foot and numbness in the middle toes with most shoes. The sketchers memory foam are the most comfortable I have found. The issue I’m having is the soles wearing down too quickly. In one months time the tread is completely gone and the sole quickly thinning away to nothing. I walk 3-4 miles 5 days a week.

  66. Seriously annoyed

    My Sketchers with memory foam went flat after 2 months. I honestly loved them at first, but will not buy another pair.

  67. Karen Keilitz

    Sketchers shoes stop like the brakes have been applied while walking on shiny floors. I had a terrible fall where I lost consciousness recently on a shiny hospital floor while I was visiting someone else.

  68. I love my shoes I bought a pair this morning. They are the best! I have trouble with my knees, and legs, I must say my skechers sports memory foam are the best! I didn’t have to take no pain meds. And it didn’t feel like I were walking, so firm, soft, pain free the are worth 80.00 dollars going to get me another pair, I walk on hard floors 8 hours ,and today were one of my best days ever!!

  69. I found this blog because I was looking for reviews on memory foam Skechers. Is there any way that all of us who have had problems with the memory foam Skechers can somehow get together and go against Skechers and have the memory foam removed? No one should have to suffer like this all from a stupid pair is shoes! I bought my memory foam Skechers a week ago for my new job where I knew I was going to be on hard concrete floor for at least 12 hours a day. I felt like I needed a good comfortable shoe with good support. I tried the memory foam Skechers on in the store and they felt wonderful so I bought them. I have only worn them for 7 DAYS and the memory foam is completely flat and I have been in almost constant pain in my feet everyday all day since then. I am going to take them back to the store that I bought them from tomorrow and see if they’ll give me a refund, but I don’t think they will because their refund policy says the shoes have to be unworn to return them. It’s insane because how are you to know if the memory foam is going to work if you don’t wear them to try them out? I am furious because I paid a fair amount for a pair of shoes that are totally garbage. What can we do to make so no one else makes the same mistake and has to suffer like we have?

  70. just got my 1st pair. My heal wont fit right. have not worn them outside yet. any comments?

  71. I bought Sketchers with memory foam also. At first they were OK, but then after about six months, wearing the shoes twice a week for 4 hours each day,
    they became unwearable. I found large “hunks” of memory foam were gone in the heel area in one shoe and the sole of the other. The pieces that “fell out” were 3/4 inch to over 1 inch in size. Totally unwearable. I have found others were complaining about the same thing. Called Sketchers direct and they asked me to send them to their quality control department. Also, the memory foam stopped “springing back” after a short time. There seems to be a problem here with the foam itself. Initial comfort always seems great, but then with even slight wear, the problems begin.

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