I gave it 61

Sixty-one days ago I posted a blog about a really interesting website, GiveIt100.com. The site is designed for users to commit to posting a 10-second video every day for 100 days, showing progress they make while learning a new skill. The site is filled with fun and wacky projects, and some deeply profound ones as well. My big project is manifesting a Bucket List trip to the UK, so I thought I’d give it a try, to track my progress.

I had a lot of fun with it, for a while. I made big strides and was able to see how the daily accountability was extremely useful in making me get off my butt and do something to make it happen, including looking for sponsors and building a crowdfunding page. After all, the Law of Attraction is not just about wishing for something. Action is required.

The trick of using the Law of Attraction is knowing when to stop asking and when to just allow your request to be delivered. And my participation on the site didn’t allow me to allow. I started getting tense, and feeling very pressured to take some sort of action when there was none to take. I was pushing against my gut instinct that said to just let it rest and fall into place. I had to stop shaking the snow globe, as it were, so the snow could settle.

So, I gave the site 61 days and I’m letting go for a while. I’m thankful for the epiphany that it delivered: the Give It 100 site, while BRILLIANT, is not an appropriate tool for what I was specifically working on … some days there was simply nothing to report. Their wonderful tool is best for showcasing physical progress, as it was designed to do. This isn’t their bad–they never said it would work for my kind of project. It was an experiment that yielded different results than I expected, but was certainly worth trying.

Wouldn’t it be fun if I had something to report on what would have been day 100? I’ll let you know around March 12, if there’s anything to talk about. 😉


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