An incredible demonstration of trust

Amanda Palmer posted this on her facebook page recently, and I want to share it here because it’s too beautiful to get buried on the downward scroll of a facebook page:

“from the MINISTRY OF LIFE, DEATH and CROWDSURFING, i discovered this gem of a clip and it’s perfect for today. if you want to know how easy it is to try to sing in key while being turned upside-down in the hands of strangers, here is your answer. not easy.

“it’s me with The Grand Theft Orchestra (michael, jherek and chad) doing “bottom feeder” from the kickstarter record, “Theatre is Evil”. i’ve been writing about crowd surfing and trust in The Book, and chad raines, seen here playing guitar, just showed up at the house for a few days. tonight we cook kale. in a few days jherek bischoff (seen here singing INTO his bass and conducting the strings section) is going to show up with about 12 people since they’re recording up the road in hudson. we are readying all the guest futons. and a few days ago, in the rain, i was at michael mcquilken(the drummer)’s wedding.

“what’s most painful-beautiful about this clip, though, is that this was filmed in london, at Koko, a few weeks after the record came out.

“that was the night that, two hours before getting on stage, i got the phone call that becca had died. i barely remember playing the show….but i have these incredibly strong memories of feeling more alive than i ever had before. all the songs about death (like this one) took on a whole new meaning. i still won’t watch the “astronaut” clip. it was one of her favorites. all i can remember is that i couldn’t get through it. maybe next year.

“life, death, life, death, life in a circle.”

When she allows herself to fall into the waiting hands of her crowd, considering the emotional pain she’s in, she is demonstrating such incredible trust that it took my breath away. I can’t watch this video without being deeply moved. I hope you will find it so, as well.


One response to “An incredible demonstration of trust

  1. Watching that video after reading the post brought me from a very deep place. I watched with my heart. Watching her opening the song with her soul hanging out before the crowd, seeing her rolling around at the mercy of her beloved audience while singing to them as though they were all her children (and they are her children), and then after the song when she talked about Michael and his song. The love in his eyes for her was mesmerizing! In his eyes, in that one moment, I saw the power she wields so perfectly. She is truly blessed with the power of leadership, not the lust for it that so commonly gets called power, but the true power of leadership. She is truly herself and that alone makes her beloved and it shows!

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