Here’s you a blog, about my blog, “Here’s you a blog”.

wheres me a dog
Imagine my surprise when I saw this blog about my blog!

WordPress notified me about a huge jump in my blog stats today–it seems one of them has gone viral. Well, germy anyway. My stats are usually pretty decent, considering I mostly write goofy stuff for myself and don’t promote my blog much. I have a small, undefinable niche following. So I was surprised to see a huge uptick.

Someone at Atlas Obscura wrote a blog about the title I’ve given my blogsite, Here’s You a Blog. That blog is titled: Where’s Me a Dog? Here’s You a Dog: The South’s Most Unusual Regionalism. The writer, Sarah Laskow, writes fun and quirky articles (click on her name to see a list, but make sure you have some time, because it’s a treasure trove of great stuff!).

Sarah’s blog about my blog tells how Larry Horn, one of the founders of the Yale Grammatical Diversity Project discovered the “here’s you a…” phenomenon because I wrote about it. Her blog says:

This discovery began with a blog titled “Here’s you a blog,” which Larry Horn, one of the project’s founders, had come across. This blogger had first come across this grammatical quirk–”here’s you a…”–while traveling in Kentucky: a post office clerk had handed over a stamp featuring a dog, and said, “Here’s you a dog.” The phrase delighted the blogger, and she started using it to label pictures of dogs, until she realized she could apply it to other nouns–like her blog.

How fun is that? Sarah writes about some fascinating stuff, and now I’m one of them! I can’t help feeling, though, like I’m in a house of mirrors. Here’s you a blog, about a blog, about my blog, “Here’s you a blog!”

fierce dog

Oh yeah. Here’s you a ferocious dog who tries desperately to lunge through that fence and tear me into tiny shreds, every time I pass by on my morning walk. It doesn’t help that I say things like “Oh, wook at da kyoot widdo doggie!” That only pisses it off more.


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